Virtual Offices

Are you a start-up professional or company who will greatly benefit from a ready-to-move-in, professionally run work environment?

Whether you are a fledgling business, medium sized or a large corporate, the Vatika Business Centre has a tailor-made solution for you. With no start-up or hidden costs, lock-in period and flexible user packages that will cater effortlessly to your changing needs.

Are you on the fast track to growth, but are uncertain about the pace at which your requirements are likely to evolve?

The success of your business depends on where you put your resources and the Vatika Business Centre minimizes your financial outlay and time spent on handling day-to-day logistics, so that your risk-taking is limited to the next brilliant idea you come up with, the new business you want to win or that dream team you want to hire. So you never have to pay for a thing you don't use, from office space to photocopying. What's more, we offer you a choice of two prime locations (with more to come) in Gurugram, the corporate hub of businesses today and tomorrow, so that we can always keep pace with your requirements as fast as they change. And all this comes to you with the minimum number of strings attached, so that you can move in, move up or move out any time.

Are you running a home office, but wish to access the advantages of a professionally run office as and when the need arises?

You can upsize or downsize, walk in and walk out as your circumstances dictate so you can make your office space work for you, and use it to your tactical advantage.

Do you know that approximately 30% of your expenses are on spaces you seldom use?

How much do you really want to spend on lobbies, meeting rooms, conference rooms and pantries that you use only occasionally? With the Vatika Business Centre, you do away with this dead investment, while enjoying the benefits that these well-appointed areas provide.

Wouldn't you like the chance to reduce one time and incremental costs?

Vatika Business Centre scores over traditional offices in many ways - but nowhere more so than your bottom line! Consider the cash outgo you would normally incur in setting up your own office:

  • Agents and legal fees
  • Investment in interiors
  • Electrical and AC provision
  • Data cabling and internet connectivity
  • Telephones and EPABX systems
  • Rentals and related deposits
  • Utilities
  • Insurance
  • Internal housekeeping
  • Security
  • Office automation and equipment
  • Administrative staff salaries

Vatika Business Centre makes this set up as simple and cost effective as possible for you.

Do you want the liability of an enforced lock-in period?

Today, renting raw commercial space can mean a commitment of 2-3 years which could go up to 5 years for furnished spaces. So regardless of the dynamics of your business, you have no choice but to wait for the agreed time to pass, at considerable financial loss to yourself. At the Vatika Business Centre, this is a problem you will never have to face.

Wouldn't you like to make the best impression possible without a huge investment?

Impressions count. Our elegantly designed receptions, lobbies and other public spaces; spacious meeting rooms, modern amenities and highly professional team help you make the right impression without having to pay through your nose for them.