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Serviced Offices

What is a serviced-office? How is it different from a traditional office?

A serviced office is a furnished and fully functional office facility that accommodates multiple companies of different sizes and provides administrative services, modern office equipment, and conference / meeting facilities on demand. At Vatika Business Centre you have access to:

  • Fully Furnished Office suites
  • Client greeting and reception service
  • Training and meeting room facilities
  • IT & Telecom Support
  • Pantry Services
  • Secretarial and administrative support

Serviced offices are ready to move in space with the plug in play facility. The serviced offices minimize your time consuming process of setting up and configuring your workspace. The benefits of serviced office over traditional office are:

  • Ready to Move-In Space
  • No initial financial outlay
  • Optimum space utilization
  • Administrative support
  • Savings on manpower costs
  • Flexibility for your expansion needs
  • No extra cost for maintenance charges
  • Less Paper formalities
  • Savings on legal expenses
Why would a company opt for a Serviced Office?

A serviced office is essentially a way of managing investment risk; it offers a cost-effective and flexible solution for companies starting up, those looking for flex space to expand, or those companies requiring offsite project space. Paying for only what your company needs as you use it (such as secretarial services, conference facilities or IT services), and not locking your business into a long-term lease (as required with conventional offices) enables companies to minimize upfront capital investment.

What is the minimum configuration at Vatika Business Centre?

Vatika Business Centres offer various configurations to suit your needs i.e starting from a single seater to 200 - 300 seats. At Vatika Business Centre you do not incur any of the costly setup fees involved in renting traditional office space. Choose from a single-person office, a large executive office, a team office or an open floor plan which is all fully furnished and equipped.

Do I need to supply my own office equipment?

Vatika Business Centres come equipped with everything you need. We have contemporary office furniture, high-speed Internet connectivity, fully staffed reception areas and documentation support facilities.

How can I hire office space at Vatika Business Centre?

The process to rent a traditional office space can take weeks or even months. Our business centres can be configured to your specifications and ready in no time. You can sign your Vatika's office agreement on one day and start working in your new office the same day.

How will my business be visible in a Vatika business centre?

At Vatika Business Centre, we offer internal branding by allowing you to display your company logo outside your office. We will also list the name of the organization in the common directory at the reception.

Meeting Rooms

Why to book a meeting room at Vatika Business Centre?

Vatika Business Centre are located at prime multiple locations. The key benefits are:

  • Easy to book.
  • Professional environment to host the formal meetings.
  • No paper formalities.
  • Pay as per use.
  • Pantry Services/Catering Services on request.
What types of meetings can be done at Vatika Business Centre?

At Vatika Business Centre, meeting room is cost-effective and tailored to meet your needs. Whether it is a standard meeting room, training room, conference room or board room, we have got you covered.. The meeting room support staff ensures that VBC's meeting rooms portray a professional environment, free from hassles of a busy office or hotel, so you can focus on your business.

When are the timings of meeting room facility?

Our standard hours are 9:00 A.M to 7:00 P.M, Monday to Saturday. But we are happy to discuss events outside of these times as well.

Do you provide administration support?

Yes our onsite support team will ensure your suite is set up exactly how you need it so you can focus on work. We can also provide any secretarial or business support that you might need. So if you would rather leave the conference minutes to someone else or need some last minute photocopying done we are here to help. We'll also greet your guests, print, bind and laminate documents, take phone messages and organise couriers and taxis. Also, these rooms are equipped with internet connectivity, conference call facility, high-end audio-visual equipment and video-conferencing facility.

Where are the meeting rooms and are they all the same?

Vatika Business Centre provides a range of conference rooms, training room and meeting rooms to host your formal meetings. From 4 seater to 20 seater, finding the space that exactly matches your needs is possible and cost- effective at our centre.

How do I make a booking?

Simply call our Business Centre and the team will be able to deal with your enquiries. Alternatively you can email us on

How do I pay?

Full payment for meeting room hire is required in advance of the booking. You can pay by cash, DD, cheque or bank transfer. An invoice can be raised to provide documentation. Once you have made a booking, you will receive a confirmation email which includes the date by which we need to receive your payment.

How do I confirm a booking?

To confirm a booking simply contact us by email or call at our Business Centre with a request to confirm your booking and our dedicated team will be happy to help.

Is catering available for my meeting room?

Yes, whether you choose a standard meeting room, conference room or board room, catering is available as an additional pay-as-you-use service. We'll handle the ordering and delivery to your meeting room so you can focus on your meeting.

Can I be reached during my meeting?

A VBC's meeting room allows you to focus. If you expect to be contacted please instruct your meeting room receptionist how you would like your calls to be handled. Our receptionists will handle your messages or forward calls to your meeting room, conference room or board room according to your instructions. This means that you can receive calls in your meeting room or have them held until a time that is convenient for you.

Is there any benefit in being a frequent Vatika's meeting room customer?

Everyone can benefit from a VBC's meeting room. Ask about special discounts for multiple meeting room bookings.

Virtual Offices

What is a Virtual Office?

A Virtual Office can give your business a presence in a new location, for a fraction of the cost of a traditional office. With all the benefits of rented office space, a Virtual Office could be ideal for your business. Our personalised phone answering and mail handling services mean you can conduct your business wherever you are - without the hassle of managing an office. For an additional fee, our business centre facilities are also available. Our customers have access to meeting rooms, conference rooms, discount accommodation and more.

Who uses a Virtual Office?
  • Home Based Business
  • New Venture/New Place of operations
  • Temporary expansion of office resources
  • Off- Site office
  • For those who spend their time traveling
  • Organization which has minimal one-on-one client meetings but needs to make the right professional impression.
  • Individuals/ Companies that need space to meet their foreign counterparts or visiting delegations.
What are the benefits of Virtual Office Club?
  • Flexible need based spending.
  • Use of our Prestigious Business Address on your visiting Cards.
  • Dedicated Local Phone number/Fax Number.
  • Personalized call answering in your company name.
  • 24 Hour Voice Mail Box.
  • Common area usage.
  • Service of professional receptionist to handle your guests.
  • Handling messages/ courier and forwarding them as per your instructions.
  • Use of the Meeting Rooms for your formal meetings.
  • Access to other Business Centre Facilities.
How does a Virtual Office allow my business to grow?

You can easily test new markets with Vatika's Virtual Office without the need for capital investment. With your Virtual Office agreement you also receive priority access to Vatika's meeting rooms for your meeting needs. When your organisation needs a physical office you are able to keep the same business address and phone numbers from your Virtual Office upon upgrading to a physical office in that business centre. With your Virtual Office operator handling your inbound calls and messaging, you can focus on growing your business.

How does Virtual Office call forwarding work?

VBC's Virtual Office operator will answer your calls in the name of your business. Based on your specific instructions, your Virtual Office operator will seamlessly forward your calls to your specified number (a mobile phone for when you're on the road, a central office phone or your home phone) anywhere in the world.

What types of amenities are available to a Virtual Office customer?

As a Virtual Office client you receive full access to a trained administrative staff for tasks ranging from photocopying and binding to full document translations. Plus, at our prime business addresses, we have beautifully allocated reception and breakout areas for your use. Virtual office customers also receive priority access to meeting rooms and training facilities worldwide. You can also upgrade to a full-time office and keep your Virtual Office business address.