How to Ascertain When Do You Need an Office Space for Rent?

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Starting a business? Confused whether you should buy or rent an office space? Read on and decide for yourself.

Needless to say, the cost of living in Pune is expensive and people willing to setup a business in the city should know how to manage their finances in an efficient manner. To kick-start a business, one of the important requirements is that of an ideal office space and there can be nothing better than opting for an office space for rent in Pune. Often people willing to start a business get confused whether they should buy a commercial property of lease an office space in Pune. Read on and decide for yourself whether buying or opting for an office space on rent in the city is an ideal choice.


  • Budget: Whether a company is an established one or a start-up, the finances should be managed wisely. The first thing that needs to be decided is how much money are you willing to spend for your office space. If you plan to buy the office space, you may run out of budget and all that you had planned for the expansion for the business might come to a pause. By opting for a commercial office space on rent in Pune, you can be assured that the initial costs will not be high and you can use the same amount in increasing your business productivity. Decide on your budget and only then take the next step.
  • Future expectations: According to a popular quote, one should always hope for the best but at the same time should be prepared for the worse and this strongly applies while running a business. Things might or might not happen according to our wishes, so we should move smartly and intelligently from step one. If your business reaches heights and you wish to expand your business, you can easily do so by opting for another office area for rent. If at the same time you buy an office space, further the office space might become less and this can be a hurdle in the expansion of the business. Thus, renting is always a safe option.
  • Flexible contracts: Renting is a flexible option as you do not get stuck in the contract for a long period of time. The terms and conditions of rental contacts are flexible and in some cases, amendable too. If you are a start-up company, there can be nothing safer than a short term lease.
  • Technology: In this tech-savvy world, everyone wants work to be done at just a click of the mouse. When you set up your business, you might have to connect with your clients using video conferencing facilities. In Pune, if you first buy an office space and then equip it with all the facilities required for smooth functioning of the business, it might become extremely heavy on the pockets. On the other hand if you opt for a fully furnished office space, you can avail all the facilities at an economical price.

When you think about the above mentioned factors, renting an office space always seems to be a better option. Think before making a choice and decide the best for yourself!

Top 3 Reasons When Should You Consider Moving to a Serviced Office

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Many business owners are not sure whether they should or should not opt for a serviced office. Here are a few situations when you should consider moving to a furnished office space.

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A majority of people in India have started their own business. Some own a business office space while some lease an office space. Establishing a business is no child’s play and one of the important factors that should be kept in mind while opting for a start up office in India, is the availability of an ideal office space. If you own a office space, the expenditure made by you may be too high or if you have a traditional office space on lease, the rental might be high. Moreover, you must have had put in a huge amount of money in setting up the office with all the basic amenities for smooth functioning of the business. If all this is troubling you, one of the best options you can consider is moving into a furnished office space. Here are a few situations when you should consider moving to a serviced office:

The expenditure on office space and equipment is high: Whether you run a successful business or are just a start up, you need to manage your finances intelligently. If you feel that you are putting in too much money into your office space and equipment, you need to find a cost effective solution to run the business efficiently. This demand is one of the main reasons for opting for furnished offices in India. These offices provide you all the facilities within your budget and help you manage finances in a better manner.

When you cannot manage your office space: Managing the office space is a big task and when you think this is something beyond what you can handle, the best way to ease off your burden is by opting for a furnished office. Once you move to a serviced office, you do not have to worry about managing the space, equipment, furniture or any other amenities. The serviced office accommodation makes life a lot more easier.

When you do not want a long lease: Generally when you sign a lease for a traditional office space, you need to sign a long term lease, which could also be up to 10 years. Many business owners do not wish to sign a long term lease because once you sign the lease, you get stuck and cannot change your location. When you opt for a serviced office, you need not worry about the lease and you can sign a short term lease or even make amendments in the existing lease.

If you can relate to any of the above situations, it’s certainly time to move into a furnished office space.

10 Interesting Facts about Fully Equipped Office in India

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Opting for a fully equipped office is certainly a great choice. Here are a few interesting facts about these offices.

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Many people dream of starting their own business venture and the first thing that is required to take this dream a step forward is the availability of an ideal office space. The concept of opting for fully equipped office in India is rising as people today look for much more than just an office space, and this is what fully equipped offices provide. Here are some interesting facts about serviced offices:

  • When you opt for a traditional full time office in India, generally you cannot calculate the overall expenses that you will have to bear, but when you opt for a fully equipped office, it is easy to handle all your expenses as you just need to pay the monthly rental.
  • There is no long procedure that needs to be followed while opting for a serviced office. All you need to do is sign the lease, and move in straight away.
  • These offices are ideal for people willing to start a business. Also, this is a great option for an already established company, willing to improve its location and increase its flexibility.
  • Serviced office spaces are taken care by management companies that offer top-notch services and take care of all your requirements.
    Businesses can choose a location of their choice depending on their product position and availability of retail centers.
    The agreement for serviced office is flexible.
  • You can be assured of the safety of your business as these offices have tight security measures. The cost of this facility is not additional; it is already included in your monthly rental.
  • Now-a-days, in India, meeting and conference rooms are being used extensively and conventional office spaces do not provide these meeting room facilities. In India, the furnished offices are well equipped with all the facilities that are required for the smooth functioning of a business.
  • Serviced offices generally follow the concept of shared environment. Sharing means that the costs that you would have otherwise paid all by yourself gets distributed among the tenants.
  • Serviced offices also provide a dedicated reception area and a skilled receptionist to handle all your calls.

All in all, opting for a fully equipped office is a great choice for people willing to start a business and also for people willing to enjoy maximum benefits in reduced prices.

Temporary Office Suites: Inexpensive and Flexible Short Term Offices

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Temporary office suites are perfect for start-ups as well as for small scale industries. These offices are inexpensive and flexible for the companies. Read on to know more about these types of offices.
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The most important part of any business is its finances and you can’t compromise the finance while establishing a business. However, instead of buying or renting customary office space, go for temporary offices for rent. Yes, this is a little secret! Temporary office suites are available in various prime locations. A temporary suite, also known as short-term office space, is quite a new concept in India. Temporary suites are generic name for a type of professional office spaces, and these are not at all expensive corporate offices. Also, though it is called as shared office space, it doesn’t means that you have to share it with another business. Neither these are temporary office, you can use these offices as permanent as you like. These offices enables loads of savings as well, few of them are as below:

  1. You need not to buy any furniture or expensive business machines; company can rent the temporary furniture and fixture for the offices.
  2. Don’t worry about long term or short term lease or rent. You can rent these types of offices for flexible time period. The flexible time period ranges from a day, week to a month or year or as long as you wish.
  3. Also, these offices are generally located at the prime location. Office space is generally situated in esteemed office buildings.
  4. You need to worry about the essential services like telephone connection, photo-copying, wireless Internet networks, mail handling and other fundamental arrangements.
  5. Basic services like electricity maintenance, adequate supply of water, washroom cleanliness and overall maintenance of the place, along with the day-to-day needs of life are taken care by the cleaning crews and servicemen of the building.

If you have a traditional office setup, you definitely need to think about different upfront and continuing payments linked with the space, along with telephone paraphernalia, utilities, office furnishings, repairs and maintenance, among others. However, this is not in the case in temporary office space. Temporary office suites are best to be used as office space, virtual offices, executive office, short term suites and long term offices.