What to Look Out For While Choosing a Meeting and Training Room

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The meeting and training room holds high significance in an organization. However, just having a room will not solve the purpose â  few factors should be considered before making a choice.

Conducting a training session or holding a meeting is a vital part of any business and it is advisable to have a proper meeting and training room for the same. But, merely having a meeting and training room in your professional office space is not enough. There are several factors that make these rooms ideal. Whether you own a property or have taken a property for rent, there are a few things you should look out for in your meeting and training room.

Size: The size of the room should be ideal enough to accommodate a large number of people. There may be times when the strength of the people will be less, but in certain occasions, many people might have to attend the meeting or training. Therefore, while selecting a meeting room, make sure that it is large enough.

Comfort: Generally, a meeting or a training session lasts for a few hours, thus it is very important that the room should be equipped with comfortable furniture. Comfortable chairs, convenient tables of the right height, proper air conditioners, working projectors and uninterrupted internet connection should be available, so that no inconvenience is caused.

Proper Ventilation: It is very important for the room to have a proper ventilation system. Since the employees might need to stay in the same room for a number of hours, it should be kept in mind that they do not feel uncomfortable. Moreover, since a large number of people might be a part of the training or meeting, it is all the more important for the room to be well-ventilated so that it reduces the chances of people feeling suffocated.

Technology: The world has become tech-savvy and nothing is possible without technology, be it a meeting or a training session. Therefore, make sure that your meeting room is well equipped with basic technological facilities like high speed internet connection, video conferencing facilities, LCD projectors and proper sound system to name but a few.

Lightning: This is one factor on which people generally miss out while selecting a meeting or training room. The room should have a proper lightning system that can be adjusted according to the requirements. When the employees need to take down notes, the light should be bright enough so that they can jot down the point with ease and when there is a need to use the projector, the lights should be dimmed so that the content presented through the projector is visible to one and all. This is possible only if the room has a proper lightening system.

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Stay Agile and Updated by Renting Training Rooms

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In today’s era of cut throat competition, the key to sustainability is staying updated. Keeping in view the significance of staying competitive in today’s business environment, training programs are being scheduled by organizations in order to keep the clients/staff inspired and up-to-date with current industry trends and new technologies. In other words, training programs have become essential aspect of corporate culture. Continue reading “Stay Agile and Updated by Renting Training Rooms”

Hire High-end Training Rooms for Promoting Effective Learning Environment

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Persistent education is vital to maintaining and enhancing one’s skills, especially in response to changing business needs. Creating an environment conducive to learning is a significant aspect of starting a training session off on the right foot. The training room or the venue plays a crucial role in the progress and growth of any organisation. It is an important space for interacting your company’s philosophy and for people to put forth and discuss their ideas effectively. The need for high-end and all-inclusive facilities for lecture/ training rooms is of chief importance. Continue reading “Hire High-end Training Rooms for Promoting Effective Learning Environment”

Make Trainings More Productive by Hiring Training Rooms

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In order to conduct a team building exercise to train the employees of an organization, it is important to look for a perfect site for training. Moreover, the site one selects should offer an environment that is conducive for training; i.e. both the trainee as well as the trainer should be able to focus on the training.

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Fulfil Your Company’s Training and Conference Needs by Choosing an Appropriate Business Centre

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Meetings, conferences and trainings are important aspect of any corporate venture. While meetings and conferences are held to discuss business objectives and plans, trainings are organized to update the knowledge of existing as well as new employees so that business productivity is enhanced. It is therefore essential to determine the right kind of room set-up for holding meetings and training sessions that besides helping in building relations help in promoting free flow of communication.

We at Vatika Business Centre, offer training and meeting room spaces within our business facility. Meeting and conference rooms offered by us, besides being equipped with all modern amenities provide a professional atmosphere along with professional and sophisticated services.

Training and Conference Rooms.
Engage Your Clients with Fully Equipped Training and Conference Rooms.

The kind of room set-up required for holding an event would largely depend upon the kind of meeting you are holding. From an internal middle manager’s meeting, where the number of people doesn’t exceed more than 40, to large conferences where there could be hundreds of attendees, requirement may vary from organization to organization.

Vatika Business Centre correctly analyses the requirements of their clients and then provides rooms that best fits their requirement and can be customized to the specifications provided by the clients.

Before finalizing on a training or meeting room set-up, the customer should check whether the business centre has the required infrastructure to hold different type of meetings and trainings sessions that are conducted for the employees of the organization.

Vatika Business Centre offers state-of-the- art facilities like broadband internet access, telephone connectivity, audio and video conferencing facilities, documentation facilities, and trained secretarial services;besides high class IT support services.

Parking is another concern that too should be given due consideration. You would therefore require a venue that offers plenty of free or validated parking so that attendees do not have to worry about their cars being towed or stolen away.

Besides providing their clients with best infrastructural facilities, VBC ensures that clients driving into the venues have access to ample amount of parking space.

There are business centres that offer good discounts for clients opting for yearly package.This would save them a lots of cost, as there will be meetings, conferences and training occurring all through the year.

Whether you want to conduct an interview, training session, client meeting or give a presentation to your team, Vatika Business Centre provides efficient and cost effective solution to conduct your meetings.

Things to Take Care of Before Choosing a Meeting or a Training Room

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A fully equipped meeting and training room is one of the most basic and significant infrastructural facilities that a business requires.So, whether you require training or a meeting area for team building exercise or simply require space for your next board meeting, it is very important to make close assessment of several basic aspects regarding space, flexibility, technological infrastructure, and other associated services.

Meeting and Training Room
Fully Equipped Meeting and Training Room

We at Vatika Business Centre besides offering virtual and serviced office spaces also offer fantastic spaces dedicated to meeting, and training rooms. The standard of our meeting space is equally good as the offices, encompassing everything from wireless broadband to a great catering menu.

While Zeroing upon a perfect training or a meeting room, it is very essential to choose a centrally located, well-developed and easily commutable location, so that client’s or team members travelling to the venue may be able to locate and reach the place easily. Meeting and training spaces offered by VBC are located at some of the most prominent locations of major cities and are well connected by all means of transport.

The next important thing that requires to be given due consideration is the size and capacity of the room. Make sure you avoid booking a room that is too cramped or unnecessarily large. Only after you have determined the number of people who will attend the event, should you hire a meeting room accordingly. At VBC, our on-site team can work with you to configure the rooms just the way you need them.

Depending upon the kind of meeting or training you wish to hold, you need to make a choice regarding the layout of the meeting or training room. Vatika Business Centre offers U-shape, theater, classroom, boardroom style and round table layouts, which you can choose as per your need.

Business meetings and trainings require various sorts of technological aids for being effective. Vatika offers all sorts of state-of-art infrastructural facilities like audio/video conferencing, projector, screen, TV,LAN connections, Wi-Fi and more.Besides this VBC also offers technical and office support services.

So, whether you are a small business or a large corporate, VBC offers highly efficient and cost-effective meeting and training spaces as per your requirement. Log on to www.vatikabusinesscentre.com for more.

Summary: Meeting and training rooms are a significant aspect of any business set-up. However, if you don’t have a well-equipped meeting or training space, you could consider hiring one after giving due consideration to the aforesaid things.