Quick and Easy Steps To Find The Best Plug N Play Office Space

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Did you always dream of starting your own business in Gurgaon? Is your dream on a halt just because you could not find an ideal office space to kick-start your business? If your head nods, then its time to let go off all your worries as plug and play offices in Gurgaon are exactly what you have been looking for. If you do not have the budget to purchase a commercial property, there can be nothing better than investing in a shared office space in Gurgaon.

Ready to Move Office Spaces

For a start-up company, choosing a plug and play office is an ideal choice as it provides the benefit of conference halls, seminar rooms, cabinet seating arrangements, meeting rooms and much more. Also, the fully equipped ready to move in offices in Gurgaon help you save money that you would have otherwise spent in getting everything in place. These modern offices are rapidly replacing the traditional offices and are in high demand. The following steps can help you find the best plug n play office space of your choice.

  • Choose a Reliable Agent: Getting assisted by an agent certainly solves half of your problems. The agents are aware of the latest market trends and property rates. Also, they can understand your choice and budget and will suggest you places according to your requirement.
  • Estimate the Budget: Nothing will work out the right way if you have not predetermined your budget. Since your office will be one of the start up offices in Gurgaon, plan a budget that you can easily pay off as a monthly rental. Make sure that you plan things well in advance so that later on the expenditure does not become heavy on the pockets.
  • Look Out for Commercial Hubs: The location of your office plays an important role in increasing your business value. Consider commercial hubs while looking for ready to use office spaces. A strategically located office is easy to access and delivers profitable results.
  • Check the Amenities: Make sure you do not get fooled by your landlord. To avoid such chances, check the amenities that are being offered to you. Also, When you visit different office spaces, compare the facilities of one office with the other and before putting in your money, access which is better.

Video Conferencing: The Technology on A Rise

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Technology has revolutionized our lives tremendously. Gone are the days when people had to send letters to their loved ones or to had to wait for several days in response to a business deal they made with their business partners. The present generation takes only a second to the connect with the people sitting in the other part of the world – all this is possible via mobile phones, e-mails, answering machines, instant messaging and video conferencing.

Video conferencing- the use of this technology is undoubtedly on a rise and is being used by various business centers in India. When businessmen look for an ideal business office space in India, they select an office space offering conferencing facilities. Gurgaon is one of the commercial hubs and various plug and play offices are providing excellent video conferencing facilities in Gurgaon. Video conferencing has become one of the most important tools for businesses. There are a few points that should be considered if you are looking for an office offering the facility of video conferencing in Gurgaon.

Video Confrencing

While conducting a video conferencing session, it is very important that the message conveyed during the session is audible by all. For this, ensure that the room is equipped with good acoustics. A square shaped room, tiles and carpets should be avoided as each of these objects absorb sounds in various degrees. Another factor that you should look out for is the positioning of the equipment. Merely having the equipment is not enough – it should be placed correctly for effective functioning. Make sure that the camera and the microphones are positioned according to the position of the speaker.

The other facilities that are important for an ideal conference room are a high speed internet connection on a laptop, a projector, virtual whiteboard so that everyone who is a part of the video conference can add themselves. A hardware that can easily convert the video and audio signals into a format that can be digitally compressed should also be present.

If your office space is not equipped with these facilities, you can always rent a space offering these facilities. The bookings can be made in accordance to the time slot in which you would be needing the conference room.

4 Tips That Will Help You Find An Ideal Furnished Commercial Office Space

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If you too are one of those people looking for a office space in Hyderabad, these simple tips can help you in finding the best office space.

Office Space in Hyderabad

For people living in Hyderabad and willing to start a business, nothing can be better than opting for full time offices in Hyderabad. There is a high demand for furnished office spaces in Hyderabad as you can easily start your business right away without having to worry about the amenities and furniture. These offices are well-equipped with the latest technologies and also have separate rooms like meeting and conference rooms. In Hyderabad, when most entrepreneurs will be in search of an ideal office space, you can act smart and start off right aw+ay by opting for an office on lease in Hyderabad. Here are a few tips that will help you find an ideal furnished commercial office space.

  • Shortlist: You can find various options at every location, but before finalizing an office, it is important to choose areas according to your estimated budget. The rents vary from location to location, thus it is extremely important to stick to your budget. As a start-up, predetermine the monthly rent that you can easily shed out and look out for office under that estimated budget. Choosing an office space beyond your budget can be heavy on the pockets for a long span of time.

  • Space: It is always a wise choice to opt for an office space according to your needs. Take a note of all your requirements and choose accordingly. Estimate the space that you will be requiring to start off your business and search according to the same parameters. Selecting an office with the desired space and within the estimated budget is what you have to look out for.

  • Opt for Renowned Office Complexes: Going in for an office space in a renowned office complex will certainly add credibility to your business. A reputable area will an add an extra point in running your business smoothly and at the same time will offer all the amenities required to run a business successfully.

  • Choose Best Lease Terms: For effective running of the business, it is very important to follow rules and regulations. Make sure you keep an updated of your records related to property matters. Also, attempt to look for owners who are ready to lease the office for a time span of at least 2-3 years. This will benefit you in monetary terms as the rental rates will not increase on a yearly basis.

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Guiding Tips to Choose the Best Business Executive Suites in Mumbai

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Here are some guiding tips to choose the best office space or an executive suite in a  metro city like Mumbai.

Biggies in the real estate market are coming with a number of projects that offers business centres, office spaces and business executive suites in Mumbai. In today’s technologically advanced world, the concept of business executive suites has become very popular. However, in a large city like Mumbai, to find the best business meeting places is not so easy.

Executive suits in Mumbai

We provide below some guiding tips to choose the business office space in Mumbai

Location: Choose the location that is easily accessible for you and your prospective customers. Should be located in an area that is easy for public transit. For instance, some of the best locations are in Andheri East, Andheri West, Powai, Hiranandani Gardens, Chembur, Malad etc. Vatika Business Centre at Supreme Business park in Powai is one of the most sought after business office space in Mumbai.
No extra costs: When choosing an executive suite, make sure that all services and facilities are included in the payment plan and nothing extra is charged by the agent.

Flexible contract: The business centre chosen should have the flexible contract facility so that you are not bound for rentals for a longer duration. Choose a business centre that allows you to leave the space as per your need.

Facilities: All business centres offer certain basic facilities for the proper running of an office. These include telephone/fax lines, printer, internet connectivity, office stationery etc. Also the conference rooms in Mumbai office space should have proper installation of projectors and video conferencing facilities. Make sure that these facilities are offered by the business office centre.

Services: The business executive suite that you choose in Mumbai should provide all services associated with the proper operation of your office. These include 24 hours technical support, administrative staff to handle your office work, reception services to handle your calls and guests etc. In fact, while making a survey, make a list of services and facilities that you need and see that these are offered by the business executive suites.

Parking space: Last but not the least, see that the office space that you choose has an ample parking space. Better if the parking space is within the office premises.

Source:  Commercial Office Space in Mumbai

Factors That Make an Executive Office Space Ideal

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Choosing an office space is not a tough job if you know well in advance what factors need to be kept in mind before making a selection.

If you are residing in Pune and planning to setup your own business, then one of the major tasks is to look out for an ideal office space. As a business owner, it is a challenging task to select an apt place from the various executive office spaces in Pune. The trend of opting for  fully furnished office for rent  in Pune is on a high and many business owners are following the league. It is very important to keep a few factors in mind before selecting a office space. A few are listed below:

Make an Executive Office Space Ideal
Make an Executive Office Space Ideal

Choose within the Budget: Before you start looking out for full time offices in Pune, it is important to firstly ascertain your budget. Once you have done this, look for an office space within the stipulated budget. It is better to search for a fully furnished office, so that you can start off your work as soon as you select the office space.

Location: One of the important factors that employees look out for is the location of the office. If the office is easily accessible and has a good transport connectivity, the office space is right for you.

Size: Along with choosing the right location, also choose an office having adequate space to accommodate your staff easily. It is always a wise decision to choose an office space that is a little larger than your need. This can help in the long run if you wish you expand your business and staff. Also, a larger space gives the staff the freedom to be as ease and move around freely.

Infrastructure: It is important to keep in mind the safety of the employees working in your organization. Thus, before choosing an office space, make sure that the building is flood and earthquake prone. Also, check for facilities like internet connectivity, water, telephone, electricity and separate meeting and conference rooms. In Pune, where the cost of living is high, it is a wise decision to choose an office with a good infrastructure and basic amenities.

Fully Furnished: To save expenses, it is the best option to go for a fully furnished office.  These ready to use offices are equipped with all the facilities and comfortable furniture.

Source: www.vatikabusinesscentre.com

Guiding Tips for a Successful Video Conferencing

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It is your first video conferencing and you need to present yourself well. Here are some guiding tips that can make your video conferencing a successful one.

Video conferencing is a meeting point of people for any discussion and interaction with each other in two different locations, using the medium of computer, projector and Internet technology. Nowadays, video conferencing facilities are provided in all major organizations, IT companies and business centres. The video conferencing facilities in Bangalore are one of the most widely demanded office facilities nowadays in the technology state of our country. Vatika Business Centre offers the best video conferencing in Bangalore.

Video Conference Room
Video Conference Room

Leaving aside the technology part, in order to make the office video conferencing successful, it is very essential that the speaker follows some etiquette to crack the best business deal from his prospective clients. It is very essential that the speaker must be well-prepared while making a presentation or discussion, especially if he is a first time speaker.

Some essential attributes of a successful conferencing are as follows:

  • Always be on time.
  • Give a proper introduction of yourself in front of the audience on the other side.
  • Be courteous to everyone present for the meeting.
  • Also take note of the names of the other speakers.
  • Switch off your mobile phone.
  • There should be no background noise while making the presentation. Also be careful while typing on the keyboard so that it does not make any sound.
  • Focus on the people or person at the other end.
  • Check the speakers and the microphone before starting the conferencing. Make sure the video conferencing facilities provided in the room are all properly checked, tried and tested.
  • Speak clearly.
  • Try to avoid screaming in case if there is a heated discussion and you want make yourself heard.
  • Keep your body, head and hands movement minimal as too much of movement distracts the audience.
  • When you look into the camera, focus on it and maintain an eye contact with the people on the other end.
  • Dress up properly. Don’t wear too loud colors. Striped or intricate pattern in shirts or dresses are visually distracting. Also for women, jewelery should be minimal. No noisy jewelery.
  • Last but not the least, just be yourself. And enjoy your first video conferencing.

Source: Vatika Business Centre

Benefits of Plug and Play Offices

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Plug and play offices are the need of enterprises today. In Gurgaon, various small and medium enterprises are taking these offices on rent. Read more to know about benefits of plug and play offices in Gurgaon.

Start ups usually find it hard to mount up all the technical and non-technical resources under the same roof, along with the maintaining cost. People, who want to start a full-fledged business while setting up the perfect office, can go for plug and play offices. In Gurgaon, you can easily find a variety of ready to move in offices. The most essential reason of taking these offices on rent in Gurgaon is not investing too much of capital.

Happiness at Work
Vatika Business Centre

The ready to move in offices in Gurgaon has various facilities like accessibility to mobility center, easy to operate, multitasking flexibility, and well versed technical help desk and customized office space, in which you can share the space with other people or can have the entire office. With all these facilities, entrepreneurs can effortlessly run their business and can also expand across varied sectors.

There are other benefits of plug and play offices in Gurgaon. These offices have handy business settings as these are fully functional offices which are ideal for all type of businesses. All the facilities including maintenance and hospitality are maintained by the third party. The third party service provider offers good IT support, state-of-the-art infrastructure and safe environment. Besides these, they also provide a wide range of other services for the ease of the entrepreneur.

Moreover, these offices on lease in Gurgaon are custom made as per the needs and requirements of the customer’s business. Ample space, proper utilization of rooms and installed with latest hardware, the set-up of these offices can be moulded and adjusted as per the business requirement. Also, ready to move in offices in Gurgaon are available at quite reasonable rates.

Third party service provider offers all types of business communication for small and medium sized enterprises, along with providing centralized telecom network. Moreover, these offices have separate rooms for meeting and training purposes.

Generally these offices are located in areas having facilities right from ATMs and banks to medical stores and restaurants. Moreover, these offices are usually located near to the metro and bus stops for the convenience of the employees.

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