What to Look Out For While Choosing a Meeting and Training Room

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The meeting and training room holds high significance in an organization. However, just having a room will not solve the purpose â  few factors should be considered before making a choice.

Conducting a training session or holding a meeting is a vital part of any business and it is advisable to have a proper meeting and training room for the same. But, merely having a meeting and training room in your professional office space is not enough. There are several factors that make these rooms ideal. Whether you own a property or have taken a property for rent, there are a few things you should look out for in your meeting and training room.

Size: The size of the room should be ideal enough to accommodate a large number of people. There may be times when the strength of the people will be less, but in certain occasions, many people might have to attend the meeting or training. Therefore, while selecting a meeting room, make sure that it is large enough.

Comfort: Generally, a meeting or a training session lasts for a few hours, thus it is very important that the room should be equipped with comfortable furniture. Comfortable chairs, convenient tables of the right height, proper air conditioners, working projectors and uninterrupted internet connection should be available, so that no inconvenience is caused.

Proper Ventilation: It is very important for the room to have a proper ventilation system. Since the employees might need to stay in the same room for a number of hours, it should be kept in mind that they do not feel uncomfortable. Moreover, since a large number of people might be a part of the training or meeting, it is all the more important for the room to be well-ventilated so that it reduces the chances of people feeling suffocated.

Technology: The world has become tech-savvy and nothing is possible without technology, be it a meeting or a training session. Therefore, make sure that your meeting room is well equipped with basic technological facilities like high speed internet connection, video conferencing facilities, LCD projectors and proper sound system to name but a few.

Lightning: This is one factor on which people generally miss out while selecting a meeting or training room. The room should have a proper lightning system that can be adjusted according to the requirements. When the employees need to take down notes, the light should be bright enough so that they can jot down the point with ease and when there is a need to use the projector, the lights should be dimmed so that the content presented through the projector is visible to one and all. This is possible only if the room has a proper lightening system.

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The Ongoing Trend of Furnished Office Spaces in Mumbai

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Furnished offices are being preferred by a majority of businessmen as they are available at reasonable prices and provide all the basic amenities that an organization requires. 

According to a survey, among all the cities, Mumbai has been ranked as the most livable city. People of Mumbai live a fast-paced life and prefer to look out for simple and convenient options. For those who have already set up their business or are willing to set up their full time offices in Mumbai, nothing can work better than a well furnished office space. These office spaces are not only easy to hire, but are also well-equipped with all the basic necessities an organization requires.

fully furnished office space
Furnished office spaces in Mumbai are designed by professionals and they take utmost care of providing all the facilities required while working in an organization. For start-ups, spending within their estimated budget is a major concern. These furnished offices can be a great choice for such companies as they get to enjoy all the benefits at a low cost. However, there are a few factors that should be kept in mind while opting for a furnished office space in Mumbai.

Be very careful about the expenditure when you are making a choice. If you are not aware of the price of a certain location at which you have chosen an office space, make sure you consult about the same with a real estate agent. It is always a wise choice to hire an agent instead of getting fooled.

Next, conduct a thorough research and choose the best deal available. Make sure that the office space you select is well equipped with amenities like telecom services, proper  IT infrastructure, reception and a receptionist, administrative support and internet connectivity. These few factors contribute tremendously in the efficient functioning of an organization. Also, along with the other facilities, be careful that you choose an office space having a positive ambiance and well-structured interiors.

One of the added benefits of furnished offices in Mumbai is that they are available at flexible leases, from one month to a few years. Thus, you can choose for how long you want to rent the office space. By taking note of all the above mentioned factors, you can choose an appropriate furnished office and run your business successfully.

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Top 5 Questions to Ask Your Designer Before Getting an Interview Room Designed

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If you are a businessman settled in Pune, and own an office space or have taken an office space on rent to establish your business, make sure you look out for the facility of an interview room facility at the office space.

The availability of an interview room is very important in an office space. The instant offices in Pune are well designed and have the facility of an ideal interview room. The interview rooms in Pune are designed by experienced interior designers and posses the quality of an ideal interview room. It is important for an interview room to be small (10 feet x 10 feet approximately). The room should not be stuffed with too many tables and chairs â one table and two or three chairs are enough for an interview room. Also, it should be noted that the room should not have any distractions like pictures, phone or a window.

If you are willing to get an interview room designed for your office, here are the top 5 questions you should ask your interior designer before getting the room designed:
Interview roo from Vatika Business Centre

  •   Experience: Make sure that the designer you select has a relevant hands on experience. Only having his/her website does not mean that the designer is an experienced one. Ask for the references and portfolio and look out for the previous work done by him/her. Also assess whether the designer will be able to fulfill your requirements or not.
  •   Understanding of Concept: Share your concept with the designer and see if he/she can understand the concept and design demanded by you. If you have any special requirements, make sure that the designer is capable enough of working according to the instructions given by you and the output is exactly what you desired.
  •   Check the Qualification: Just knowing that the designer has a degree in interior designing is not enough. It is an easy task to get an online degree nowadays, so make sure you question what degree he/she holds and from where did they obtain the degree.
  •   Know the Style: When you look at the portfolio of an interior designer, you can find a certain design style in they work. Make sure that that style suits your requirements. There are certain designers who have a dedicated design style. For example it is not necessary that a designer who is good at designing the interiors of a home can also design the interiors of an interview room efficiently. Since they have a grasp of one design style, he/she might not be suitable for your project.
  •   Fee: Last but not the least, know how much the designer will charge you and at the same time also ask for their billing method. The designer can charge you a flat fee or on an hourly basis, thus before making a deal, it is important to ask for the complete payment details. Apart from this, also ask for any hidden fee like traveling expenses etc.

Source:  A Designed Interview Room at Vatika Business Centre

Guiding Tips to Choose the Best Full Time Office Space for your Business

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Finding the right office space is not an easy task. You should plan, give plenty of time and resources to find the perfect space for your business.

Finding the right office space is one of the hardest challenges for any business owner. The concept of business centres is fast gaining importance in India, where you have the option of choosing a full time office or part time office as per your need. Full time offices have become very popular in recent years as these offices can be tailored as per your requirements. However, you need to consider certain factors while choosing a full time office space.

VBC hyderabad
How to Choose Fulltime Office Spaces?

Location: This is the most important factor as you want an address that is prominent and that is easily accessible by your employees and prospective clients. Luckily, there are many prominent business centres coming up in various cities in the country. For example, you get the best full time offices in Hyderabad at Divyashree Omega, Vatika Business Centre.

Size and Layout: Choose an office space as per the number of employees in your organization. You can expand or reduce the office size as and when required. Also, the layout of the office space should be conducive to the work that you do.

Infrastructure and Amenities: Check out whether the ready-to-move-in offices have all the necessary equipment and infrastructure for smooth running of your office. For instance, you need to find out whether there is a conference room or not? Do they provide administrative staff and technical support or not? What about the kitchen, pantry and bathroom?  Make a list of things that you want and a list of things that you don’t want. Make sure, your office needs match your pre-build business strategy.

Flexible Contract: Always check whether the space that you have taken up is on a flexible lease or not so that you can renew or discontinue with the lease as per your need.

Shared Space: Also check out the common shared areas like as the lounge, reception and help desk, whether they have proper trained staff to handle queries and daily calls etc.

Vatika Business Centre brings to you some of the best ready-to-move-in offices in Hyderabad.

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Start Your Business in Well Furnished Office

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Are you planning to start a business? This blog post will guide you where to invest. Gurgaon, being one of the fastest growing cities, brings you an abundance of commercial options to start up your office. Check out the blog for more.

In the recent times, Gurgaon has emerged as one of the sought after property hubs where people from different corners of the country are investing. From the start up offices in Gurgaon to the residential projects, there is no dearth of property options in the city. Also, most of the multinationals and national companies have one or two branches in the cyber city. Even if you are planning to set up a new business enterprise, Gurgaon should be your preferred location as it will help your business reach its desired heights.

From a one-person corner office to a 10-people office space, Gurgaon has several options in order to cater different requirements of the customers. Also, range of start up office space in Gurgaon is fully equipped to handle all your business needs with private and secure work areas, continuous maintenance and support and pick and span housekeeping services.  Besides these, basic amenities like installation of printers, scanners and fax machines are easily accessible. Above all, these offices are available for 24 by 7, along with whole day power-backup.

Likewise, you can also choose start up offices in Gurgaon in the business centres. The offices here encompass conference rooms, meeting rooms, training rooms, reception, IT support services, administrative support and Internet connectivity. Also, business centre caters the advantage of flexibility in rental procedures. One of the most preferred and highly effective locations is on the National Highway, which is just 15 minutes from Delhi’s Indira Gandhi Airport. The centre is designed with soothing interiors and ambient light in order to provide an inspiring environment for meetings. Other important facilities available here are eight seated meeting room, cabin suite and waiting lounge.

For a perfect space as per the nature of your business, it is recommended to contact an authentic real-estate company or advisors only. Also, advised is don’t take any hasty decision, check, review and contact different agents to get the best deal and best of the project in your preferred location. Before taking any decision, explore all the available options, compare them and choose the finest one which suits your budget and requirements at the best.

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Availability of Small Office Space For Rent In Gurgaon

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Gurgaon, the cyber city, is developing commercially at a fast pace. In order to start up your own business, you need a small yet perfect office space. The following blog gives you an overview of small office space for rent in Gurgaon.

These days, most of us are inclined towards establishing our own business ventures, rather than being employed. But starting up a business is not a piece of cake. Even when you are all set with idea and investment, getting the right office space for the employees is equally important. A start up usually has a low budget and getting a good space within the budget is really difficult. However, this is no more a problem, as there are many real estate firms building the small office space for rent in Gurgaon. They have come up with various business complexes with serviced office space for rent in Gurgaon, which you can take on lease as per your requirement and budget.

VBC Gurgaon
The small office space for rent in Gurgaon is quite cost effective and can easily be afforded by small firms and start-ups. Not only space, but the real estate firms investing in small offices also provide required furniture, telephone connection, broadband or Wi-FI connections, cabin spaces, adequate storage space, separate area for meetings, conference and training.

With an aim to give a stylish look to your office, real estate agencies use the latest technology in the space. The technologically advanced amenities give a multinational band look and feel, even to your small office space. The look of small office and perfectly managed space will definitely astonish your clients. The complexes, where serviced office space for rent in Gurgaon is available, have an adequate parking space for employees as well as clients and visitors. The complexes also have various national and international banks, ATMs and important retails like a medical center for the convenience of the employees and visitors.

In case, you are planning to expand your business or are not satisfied with the space and area, you can any time change the place. These complexes also have large offices and you can choose some other available office space. It is always beneficial to start your business at the complexes in order to get noticed in the business world.

Presently, the market is flooded with many such agencies offering office space for rent or lease; therefore it is very important to choose the space for your start up wisely.  Make sure that you are aware of the current market standards and charges before finalizing the space.

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