10 Reasons to Invest in Virtual Offices at Vatika Business Centres: Reasons I – V

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The Internet has grown exponentially over the years, and has penetrated almost all walks of life, whether it is the way people socialize with each other or they conduct business, online. In the age of internet and a complementing IT revolution, businesses have grown exponentially, with more and more businesses realizing how adopting web solutions can be very advantageous. Continue reading “10 Reasons to Invest in Virtual Offices at Vatika Business Centres: Reasons I – V”

Elevate the Branding of Your Business with Prestigious Virtual Office Address

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The most prohibitive expense for those who are thinking of setting up a new office is the initial set-up cost. Besides this other running expenses such as monthly rental can mar one’s dream of setting up their own business undertaking. However, keeping in view the importance of a prestigious business address that can instil trust amongst potential clients, it is necessary to find an alternative that besides fulfilling one’s requirement should be easy on their pocket as well. Continue reading “Elevate the Branding of Your Business with Prestigious Virtual Office Address”

Pan India Virtual Office Offer’s Use for 8 months but Pay for only 4 months

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Finding a perfect physical office for your business in a metro-city is not an easy nut to crack; thus, virtual offices turn out to be a life saver in the situation. Once you opt for virtual office, you actually opt a highly flexible working environment and global reach at an amazingly affordable price. Considering the same, Vatika Business Centre has come up with a far-fetched offer’s Pan India Virtual Office, launched on 14th December, 2012.

Discount on Virtual Office Usage by Vatika Business Centre
Get four months of free usage of Virtual Office on package purchase of 8 months

As per the latest offer, you will be enjoying all the services of a virtual office at a nominal price of 6k per month. It’s not the nominal fee alone; a lot more is concealed in the enclosed offer. One of the concealed surprises includes four months of free usage with package purchase of 8 months. So, it’s time to make optimum utilization of the virtual office and make a worthy investment for your business.

The potpourri of the services presented under this offer are as follows:

  • Local phone number at all of our locations
  • Personalized call answering by a professional receptionist
  • Local fax number for incoming and outgoing faxes
  • Mailing address for official purpose
  • Common area usage/infrastructure cost
  • A courtesy extended to your guests by a professional receptionist in lobby
  • Receiving of messages/courier and forwarding them as per your instructions
  •  Use of meeting room for 40 hours per month at your location

The Pan India Virtual Office is like a helping hand for all those SME and startups who wish to excel in their respective fields. With virtual office solutions you can give a kick start to your business idea. On the other hand, if you are an already established business organization, then virtual office spaces can offer you the way to reach the global market. In a nutshell, simply avail the latest offer by Vatika Business centre and get an edge over your competitors.

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