Serviced Offices – The ‘Office-Space’ Disruptor!

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In today’s fast-paced business world, companies are constantly seeking flexible and cost-effective solutions for their office space needs. This has led to a rise in the popularity of serviced offices.

Serviced office spaces have indeed disrupted the traditional office space model and have gained significant popularity in recent years. The impact that they have created on the commercial real estate industry and the way businesses operate can’t be ignored. 

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Redefining the Workspaces of the future

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Post the covid situation the operations of all the major organisations were worst hit globally. The foremost challenge that their management was facing was ‘Business Continuity’. A paradigm shift has been in the making since then, both individuals and organisations started imagining what the future of work and workspaces would be like.  

New ways of working have started becoming a common feat as it seemed unlikely that organisations would see a complete ‘back to office’. With technology in hand and business centres within reach the way forward was clear. Disruption has already started and organisations are switching from leased office spaces to serviced office spaces which are best suited due to the offerings like flexibility to upscale or downscale as per need, easier lease terms, and plug-n-play spaces wherein you get to start your operations from day one. Post switching organisations saw a steep fall in their real-estate and overhead costs, and they got an opportunity to expand in multiple locations with distributed offices for better reach. Their employees also started enjoying the flexibility to work from a location of their choice and reduced travel time and costs for a better work-life balance.  

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Vatika Business Centre, continues to meet the commitments and responsibilities during COVID 19

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While COVID-19 [Coronavirus] continues to impact people’s lives and organizational operations around the globe, we want you to know that Vatika Business Centre remains committed to its goals of meeting the commitments and responsibilities by providing all the pertinent services and support.

We have been delivering services over the years which have helped enterprises keep their business operations running smoothly nationwide. In these difficult times as well, we realize that it is significant that we make it possible for enterprises to continue their operations seamlessly and help them through every unique issue that they face. This time too, we have got you covered!
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Top 3 Advantages of Choosing a Serviced Office Space in Hyderabad

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With the world acknowledging Hyderabad as one of the most dynamic cities, getting your own office space is extraordinary. The city houses global IT giants, like – Facebook, Apple, Google, Amazon, Microsoft, TCS, Infosys among others, making it one of the popular destinations for the top professionals to reside, learn and earn. As a consequence, the city is hit by an all-time upsurge in demand for fully-furnished, serviced office spaces this year.

Ranging from SMEs to MNCs, a serviced office space in Hyderabad is always a lucrative option, no matter which industry you belong to. A serviced office is a concept that is beneficial to individual entrepreneurs who are working out of a café or from home to those who are working at a traditional office environment or for any organization that is seeking a presence in Hyderabad with their next office space. Working aloof without the apt social circle is as much frustrating as working in a traditional office set-up with no stress-busting events, only unproductive downtimes and unhealthy food options, making work-life monotonous and weary in a long run. Hence, serviced office is one such boon for professionals needing an escape from the rat race of traditional offices, maintaining their smooth daily operations with presence at premium business locations.

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4 Important Reasons to Get a Serviced Office Space in Noida

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Noida, a well-planned city in northern India has been notable to have evolved into an employment centre, owing to its rapid emergence as a major business hub housing big multinational firms and reputed indigenous companies in less than a decade’s time. The city is showing swift economic growth and all set to receive an exponential demand from various businesses for serviced office spaces. Investing in serviced office space in Noida at this time of the year, therefore, is one of the most lucrative options to attain maximum benefit for your business.

Here are the most important reasons for getting a serviced office space in Noida:

1. Exceptional Connectivity: By virtue of being a well-planned city, Noida enjoys brilliant road network [NH-24 and DND flyover] which assures of hassle-free commutation for your clients and employees. It is advisable to opt for office space that is at close proximity to banks, corporate houses, healthcare and residential apartments for your employees.
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Top 5 Reasons to get a Serviced Office Space in Chennai

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Chennai has recently been ranked as the city with ‘best quality of life’ in India, among the top-notch metropolitan cities, based on the ‘Location Ranking Survey*’. By the virtue of its rich heritage, it is the largest industrial and commercial center of southern India and has the economic range from US $79 to US $86 billion, making it the third-highest GDP per capita in the country. Interestingly, the city is enjoying a strong economic base due to its thriving automobile, software, medical tourism, hardware and financial sectors among others and the second-largest software exporting places, housing globally recognized companies, making it the perfect location for your next office.

Physical presence in this city definitely offers your business a boost due to its promising economic potential. When finding a good office space in Chennai, collaborative and shared serviced office is the new trend that serves as an innovative alternative to conventional office spaces. Besides, a serviced office space in Chennai at a premium business centre maintains the business privacy and class of conventional offices.
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Practical Tips on Choosing the Right Serviced Office Space in Bangalore

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Bangalore is favorite among the world’s biggest corporate giants and holds the fourth largest technology cluster in the world*. The city has emerged as the ‘Silicon Valley’ of Asia. Bangalore has witnessed the highest number of successful businesses of the nation in the recent past, being the vanguard of India’s innovation. Primarily, this is why you, as a business, must have a physical presence in Bangalore. However, like every other city, choosing a premium serviced office space in Bangalore is potentially daunting. Ignoring certain important factors may lead to issues later which might affect your business productivity in the long run. Here are a few practical tips to ensure beneficial decision-making while selecting the apt serviced office space in Bangalore:

1. CAPEX and OPEX Factors: It is always advisable to opt for office space in Bangalore with nominal upfront or continual spendings, no matter whether you are an MNC or an Indian organization. Needless to say that a fully furnished serviced office space is much more cost-effective with limited upfront cost instead of commercial space. Besides, when you shift into a serviced office space you don’t have to go through a transition or fit-out hassles and technical downtime. A premium serviced office in a renowned business center is usually a plug and play office set up. Continue reading “Practical Tips on Choosing the Right Serviced Office Space in Bangalore”

Top 3 Reasons to Choose Business Centre in Bandra Kurla Complex Mumbai

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Mumbai city is acclaimed as the financial center and the industrial hub of India. It is the 12th wealthiest city*. Being one of the favorite spots in the country to do business, it has lead to surge in the number of serviced office spaces in Mumbai off late. However, like every other metropolitan city in India, in Mumbai also you have to minutely evaluate the pros and cons of each office space before you finally sign that agreement. Sometimes, even after paying a hefty price for acquiring a premium office space you might not get the finest services that you seek.

In order to get optimum services, out of your premium office space in Mumbai which you seek, only certain localities are ideal. Localities such as Bandra Kurla Complex unarguably offer certain benefits to all kinds of businesses. Business Centres in Bandra Kurla Complex are catering to top MNCs and Fortune 500 companies and swiftly becoming one of the luxury locations due to its landscape, infrastructure, location, vicinity, services, proximity to transport network and many other factors.

Let us discuss the top reasons to choose BKC Mumbai as your next office space in Mumbai:

● Excellent Connectivity:

When you choose a serviced office space in Bandra Kurla Complex you are assured of excellent connectivity from various parts of the city such as western suburbs, central suburbs and even from Navi Mumbai and Thane. Bandra Kurla Complex holds a strategic location and growing businesses are looking forward to adopt such places for setting-up their operations. There are new infrastructural developments in terms of connectivity, namely – Kherwadi Flyover and Santacruz Chembur Link Road that has radically enhanced the accessibility adding convenience for commuters.
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5 Best Ways to select the Right Office Space in Gurgaon

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The Millennium City – ‘Gurgaon’, is reigning for the last two decades as one of the most popular business hubs. Unsurprisingly, the city is drawing most global corporate giants for their next big office space in India. The big indigenous companies also hadn’t been far behind in their endeavor to acquire the best office spaces in Gurgaon. No matter how pertinent it is for a business, every organization experiences certain critical issues when it comes to picking the apt office space. Mostly, it revolves around certain common factors, such as – cost, strong business services, transportation, car parking, option of flexible rental plans, commitment issues and proximity to fresh cooked-food choices.

Here are the best tips that make your research easier when seeking the apt office space, especially in Gurgaon:

1. Premium Landmark Location: A well-connected premium location that supports the brand image of your business is a primary factor to consider while choosing your office space in Gurgaon. There are certain areas in Gurugram troubled with traffic congestion and parking problems, restricting access to these state-of-the-art business centres. The city being the hub of business faces high traffic flow from nearby cities, so one must make sure that the place is at close proximity to metro stations and National Highways. If you are the one who care for your employees and clients’ ease of commutation, then choosing the right office location must be your top priority.
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4 Signs you are ready for an Office Upgrade in 2020

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Business leaders with futuristic vision and Investment-savvy approaches are always astute to keep their spendings mindful. Especially, when it revolves around upgrading to a new office space waiting for the right time is rational. Needless to say, that upgrading to a new office space is an investment, at the same time pertinent when the time is right. There are certain costs that affect the long-term budget of a business, such as – high CAPEX which includes the overhead charges, AMCs and other statutory expenses, besides the OPEX cost which bite away the major chunk from the budget. However, despite the overheads, when your business expands, you reach a point where having an optimum office space or business centre becomes indispensable.

There are certain critical factors that discreetly demonstrate you to make an upgrade worthy:

1. When you are upsizing your team: If you are looking forward to expanding your team to a prime business location, it is always a good move to find the optimum office space before you go for that hiring spree. Once you start the hiring process, instead of conducting the recruitment process online or at hotel lobbies or coffee shops, it is way more inspiring to arrange it within office premises. In this way, candidates get to see the actual work premises and get motivated. Certain office spaces and business centres come with the option of hiring meeting rooms [on an hourly basis] or you can get your rental package as per your requirements with meeting and board rooms. Alternately, when you are shifting your team altogether, due to space issues in your current arrangement and you want instant plug-and-play office to minimize downtime; serviced office space is a perfect option.
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