Business Incubator Office Space and Its Benefits

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Business incubators, the latest trend in the real-estate market,  provide a shared office space for new businesses or start-ups, supported by business advice and other services.

Business Centre in India
Business Incubator Office Space and Its Benefits

The concept of business incubators is not new. While in the West, business incubators are very popular, in India, the idea of opting for business incubator space is slowly gaining prominence. Major real estate developers are focusing on developing incubation office spaces, along with other commercial projects and business centres and business parks.  Are you starting a new business? Are you looking for a temporary office space for rent at a reasonable rate with regular support, mentoring and networking? If your answer is yes, then a business incubator would definitely work for you.

What is a business incubator office space?
A business incubator is basically designed to provide office space, office equipment, business support resources and services, networking connections, including mentoring services and capital for a start-up or new business. A typical incubator office has a space to accommodate around 15 – 50 small businesses. All these new start-ups work towards the goal of moving from that facility within 2-3 years to a well-setup organization.  That is why business incubators help a lot in starting up a new venture. It is basically a shared workspace for new business owners.

Benefits of incubation office space

  • Incubators or in simple terminology, instant office space for rent provide a large number of benefits to owners of new or start up businesses.
  • The basic advantage is that it has a minimal start-up costs. The rental rates offered in these office spaces are usually low as compared to full-fledged office executive suite. In this way, the business owners can focus more on developing their business rather than focusing on paying the next bill. Rents are usually below-market rates
  • Usually such office spaces are located at the business centres and managed by them and provide on-site, business support, training and mentoring.
  • In incubation office spaces for rent, there is no requirement of long term lease. The reason being these are available as temporary office spaces for rent.
  • Almost all incubators offer 24 hour access to tenants or businesses.
  • Such offices have shared meeting and training rooms and other administration facilities, including telephone, secretarial office, and production equipment, the expenses of which are shared with other start up companies. This reduces the overhead and operational costs of everyone.

Start up Offices in India: Guidelines to Choose the Best One

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In recent times, people are looking forward to start their own business. For the smooth functioning of the business, it is very important to have a start up office space. Here are the guidelines, which will help you to choose the best one.

Today, start-up companies are rapidly increasing in various locations with their specific office areas. If you are also planning to start-up a company, you need to keep some important points in mind before surfing for start up office space in India. These set of rules and guidelines will help you to filter your search and assist you in choosing the best start up offices in India with the latest technologies installed.

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  • Analyze the requirement: It is very important to know about your needs and requirements before you go for the office space hunt. Decide what you want you – a long-term office space or short-term, this will help you in choosing the space. If you are looking for a long-term office space, then you can buy a place with all the facilities. And in case, you are opting for a short-term office space, then you can choose either shared space or serviced offices. Therefore, analyze your need and requirement, before you plump for the one.
  • Decide your budget: It is very essential to decide on your budget and check if your selected space fits in your range or not. If you have a budget constraint, then choose to rent a shared office as an alternative of purchasing it. However, if you have a large amount to invest in an office space go for a bare shell or well furnished area.
  • Prefer a prominent location: Choose a prominent area to establish your office in order to be noticeable in the market. Make sure your office is situated at the most popular area in your city as it draws attention of several clients.

Make sure your office space has all the amenities. In recent times, we have seen advancement in the technologies. Even if you are planning for a start up, you might have to converse with the clients sitting in the other area, city or even country and for this the most important communication tool will be video conferencing. In India, this is not a much known technology, but has loads of advantages and provides benefits to the business. Video conferencing facilities in India is offered by many companies; therefore choose the service after meticulous research.

Questions to Ask before Renting a Conference Room

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Today, one of the easiest options to fulfill any of our needs is by renting what we don’t have. The same is the case for conference rooms. If you do not have one, rent it! But before selecting a room, make sure you ask the following questions.

Vatika Business Centre by Vatika Business Centre
Conference Room in Gurgaon by Vatika Business Centre

When people plan to setup their own business in Gurgaon, the first thing that they look out for is an ideal office space. For a start-up business, it is not possible to invest a lot of money in establishing a magnificent infrastructure, hence they go for the option of office on lease in Gurgaon. The millennium city has emerged splendidly in the recent years and today there is an availability of a huge number of commercial office spaces in Gurgaon. When you rent an office space, you may or may not have a separate conference room. In Gurgaon, you have the option of renting a conference or meeting room separately for times when you need one. However, when you plan to rent a conference room or a meeting room in Gurgaon, you should not take an instant decision by merely looking at the infrastructure. Here are a few questions that you should ask before renting the room:

  • Ask about the shape of the room and the number of people that can be accommodated easily in the room.
  • Inquire about the number of computers that are available.
  • Have a look at the positioning of the computers and see if it is appropriate according to the seating arrangement.
  • Ask if the computers can be moved if needed, or is it mandatory to keep them in the same position as they have been fixed. You might want to involve the participants in some activities during the conference and for that you may have to divide them into teams. It is in this situation that you might have to change the positioning of the computers.
  • Look out for the placement of the projector screen and check if it is movable.
  • Ask if there is an availability of an overhead projector.
  • Ask who controls the temperature of the conference room. Generally, after a certain period of time, the room becomes extremely cold if the temperature is not managed. This situation becomes uncomfortable for the participants and also, they cannot concentrate properly on the objective of the conference.
  • Ask which type of lighting system does the room support. The room should be lit properly and the participants should be able to view the documents with ease.
  • Ask if there is an availability of a high-speed internet connection and also ask what measures or what backup plans are there is any equipment fails.

Once you ask the above mentioned questioned and get satisfactory answers, you can select the conference room!

A Look at the Commercial Real Estate in Mumbai

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For a businessman, it is a dream come true to set up his own business in the city, Mumbai. Here is a look at the commercial real estate scenario of the city.

A Look at the Commercial Real Estate in Mumbai
A Look at the Commercial Real Estate in Mumbai

When we talk about business and financial hubs of India, mentioning about Mumbai city is a must. The metropolitan has attracted people from every corner of the world and many people have set up their businesses in the city. According to a recent survey, reports have revealed that Mumbai is the fourth expensive place for commercial purposes. To get the best of this situation, various business centres in Mumbai provide fully furnished office space on rent – this makes setting up of a business an easy and affordable task.

The financial capital of India has an availability of a wide range of commercial office spaces. In Mumbai, some of the prime locations where you can choose an office space are Nariman Point, Bandra-Kurla Complex and Andheri, to name but a few. This is no hidden fact that the increasing demand of commercial property in Mumbai is resulting in high property rates. Today, every individual residing in Mumbai and having a willingness to set up a business, seeks for a prime location in the city. If you too are willing to set up a business in Mumbai, make sure you do it right away, before the property rates increase further!

The commercial hubs of Mumbai have an availability of rental spaces that offer fully furnished and unfurnished office spaces. If you are a start-up and have no furniture at all, the best option would be to rent a fully furnished office space. The fully furnished offices take care of all your business needs and offer you all the basic amenities that are required for the smooth functioning of a business. Also, within the office space, there is an availability of a well-structured conference room. In Mumbai, running a business is not a piece of cake, hence, you should rent an office space that is affordable and offers all the facilities. Source –  Vatika Business Centre

Whether you opt for a furnished office space or an unfurnished office space, there are a few factors that should be kept in mind before getting a property on rent. Make sure you look out for factors like location, accessibility to transportation centers, safety of the location, availability of parking space and last but not the least, the monthly rental. Once you are satisfied with all the above mentioned parameters, sign the contract with your landlord and take your business to new heights!