Redefining the Workspaces of the future

Redefining the Workspaces of the future

Post the covid situation the operations of all the major organisations were worst hit globally. The foremost challenge that their management was facing was ‘Business Continuity’. A paradigm shift has been in the making since then, both individuals and organisations started imagining what the future of work and workspaces would be like.  

New ways of working have started becoming a common feat as it seemed unlikely that organisations would see a complete ‘back to office’. With technology in hand and business centres within reach the way forward was clear. Disruption has already started and organisations are switching from leased office spaces to serviced office spaces which are best suited due to the offerings like flexibility to upscale or downscale as per need, easier lease terms, and plug-n-play spaces wherein you get to start your operations from day one. Post switching organisations saw a steep fall in their real-estate and overhead costs, and they got an opportunity to expand in multiple locations with distributed offices for better reach. Their employees also started enjoying the flexibility to work from a location of their choice and reduced travel time and costs for a better work-life balance.  

With the rise of startups, entrepreneurial spirits, boutique agencies and business revaluations by all the major corporates saw a demand increase for flexible/hybrid workspaces. The increased traction was witnessed majorly from IT giants, BFSI, Manufacturing sector and other industries. The multiplier effect on the demand was caused by the adoption of technological advancements to create bespoke user experiences.  

Vatika Business Centre had started working towards redesigning office spaces with ‘smarter offerings’ even before the pandemic hit. Let’s take a sneak-peek as to what do these future workspaces have to offer:

1. Flexibility to upscale/downscale: The biggest factor that an organisation requires most in these unprecedented times is flexibility. We understand this and have been offering clients the flexibility to upscale/downscale as per their requirements or when the need arises.

2. Technological Advancement: Technology has always played a very crucial role in the Covid times. At Vatika Business Centre we understand this and have started investing a considerable amount to take a tech-foot forward. The following are a few implementations that are being offered:

a. App-based Locks: Since security is a very essential part that clients keenly look forward to, hence we have taken a step ahead and have all the office suites affixed with advanced technology of providing App-based Locks which enables a client to open/lock their suites with the help of an app rather using the traditional keys.

b. Enhanced Security: Clients are always keen for additional security layers and this is exactly what Vatika Business Centre has to offer. Security personnel are deployed round the clock outside the building premises and Hi-res CCTVs keep a close watch on the common areas and business centre entrance.   

c. Laying Firewalls: Since serviced offices work on the concept of plug-n-play, hence the clients just carry just their laptops to their office suite to start working from day one. It is important that their security must not be compromised while using their e-mails or browsing through the net. We lay a very stringent emphasis on enabling firewalls for their safety.    

d. Voice-command Based Rooms: Technology has been advancing fast and so are we taking a step forward with curating our Board Rooms/Meeting Rooms which accept voice-commands. A room which accepts and acts on your command attracts a great deal of impact on your client meetings.      

e. Digital Flipcharts: The traditional white boards have been replaced with technologically advanced digital flipcharts which allows one to connect a laptop or tablet wirelessly on the ‘interactive screen’ for presentations and even allows the user to share it with multiple audiences at the same time.    

3. ential and we focus on it in a very stringent manner. The partition walls or even the glass doors of each business suite are kept till the ceiling and sealed with premium quality silicon so that no sound can pass through, keeping your business secrets intact.  

4. Strong Business Support Services: May it be a startup or an established organisation, we have various services which cater to each audience and their specific needs. The services range from Taxation Services to Registration and Legal Compliances, from Admin Services to Marketing Services, from IT Support to HR Support and Concierge Services.

5. Zero-touch Centres: Vatika Business Centre has always taken steps taken towards high levels of service standards while keeping in mind the well-being & safety of its clients on top priority hence we have converted our office spaces to ‘Zero-Touch’, wherein the client need not lay his hands upon any critical touch-point like: handles, switches, etc.

6. Regular Sanitisation: In these unprecedented times laying focus on safety is very important, hence we sanitize our office suites and common areas on a regular basis through cold fogging using premium-grade disinfectants besides premium industrial grade chemicals.   

7. 100% Vaccinated Team: Keeping a sense of safety and security amongst the clients is an utmost priority for us, hence we ensure that our entire team is full vaccinated. This not only enhances the confidence of our clients but also lets more and more organisations get back to their respective office spaces.           

Vatika Business Centre has always carried a forward-thinking approach and keeping ahead with the emerging trends and demands of the new workforce has always been on our minds to make our office spaces ‘Future Ready’.