Advantages of Full Time Office Spaces for your Business

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Full-time offices or executive suites are becoming popular because they are cost effective, comfortable, flexible, and sustainable.

Why spend on a traditional office set up when you have a ready to move, fully equipped office space in various business centers of the country?  Yes, the concept of business center is growing with a number of businesses, organizations large or small, start ups, or home workers are opting for commercial office space on rent with all infrastructure, office solutions, and support.

Full time office space
Benefits of Full Time Office Space

  • Start your business or your work immediately by opting for ready to move commercial office spaces. You get all the support services. This is an effective alternative to traditional office spaces.
  • You need not worry about furniture, appliances, staff, office equipment, phones, fax and Internet connectivity, and other utilities and maintenance costs.  You pay a fixed rent with all the charges included.
  • A commercial office space for rent has conference room, meeting room, audio/video conferencing facilities that give a very professional look to your office set up.
  • It also comes with fully equipped pantry, stylish reception areas and lounges, to provide a harmonious working environment.
  • You can take a full time office space on lease which is flexible and can be for a very short period of term.
  • Services offered can be customized as per your specific needs.
  • You get a professional reception service and trained admin staff.
  • Choose the location of your choice. For instance, a well known name in the real estate market today is Vatika Business Centre, who offers full time offices, virtual offices etc. at some of the best locations all across the country.
  • You can expand, downsize, change your office space to adapt to your changing business requirements.
  • Selecting a full time office in a particular location offers you with the chance to find out whether that area is appropriate to your organization or not, whether it works for your customers or not. If not, you can shift to another location. A commercial office space is customizable and flexible.

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Part Time Office Spaces to Lowers Costs and Overheads

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Setting up a permanent office is time consuming as well as expensive. The next best alternative is to opt for part time office spaces.

Nowadays, the concept of part time offices has become very popular. In many cases, in order to grow a particular business, whether big or small or a start up, you need to cover a larger group of prospective clients in varied locations. But, then it is not always necessary to have a permanent office set up in different locations as this is very expensive. In such cases, part time office spaces are of great help. There are various developers like as Vatika Business Centre, coming up with business centers that offer full-time, part-time, virtual office spaces, ready to move offices, meeting rooms on lease in various cities of our country.

Part Time Office Space
Who uses part time offices?
As the name suggests, part time offices are temporary offices but have all the requirements and infrastructure of a regular office. These part times offices can serve as an office premise for large or small businesses, as branch offices, as agencies, or consultancies for a very short period of time, which can even be for 24 hours, only or a week or for a month or more. These can serve as remote offices for sales personnel. These part time offices can also serve as a regular work space for home workers.

Benefits of part time offices

  • Part time office is the best way you can reduce your office expenses and overheads. A small office space for rent for a limited period has many benefits.
  • This is a better and secured alternative compared to a commercial or a traditional office for rent for a longer duration.
  • You have the option of choosing an open space, a closed space, or a shared space as per your requirement.
  • You carry out your work in a most professional manner in a fully equipped office environment.
  • You have the privilege of choosing your part time office in the best location of your choice.
  • You don’t have to take the burden of running the office and spending on overheads. Instead you can concentrate more on your business.
  • Savings made with a part-time office can be utilized for other investments.
  • Part Time Office Spaces to Lowers Costs and Overheads

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Top 5 Reasons to Opt for Executive Suites to Promote your Business

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For all entrepreneurs or businessmen, opting for business executive suites is a great idea to promote your business. There is no doubt, when you start your own business you also need your own work or office space. Instead of going for a rented apartment or a room in a commercial area, the better option is to opt for executive suites. The concept of executive suites is not a new one but it has become more popular in the recent years with the growing development of the real â estate sector. The executive suites provide a complete office package where you can present yourself in a very professional manner. Plus these are less expensive and save time.

Let us discuss below the advantages of using executive office spaces:  

1. Amenities: Business suites come with many facilities like as reception area, lobby, furniture, Internet, Parking, pantry, conference and meeting room, telephone, fax, copier machines, and 24 hours access to the office.

Executive Suites to Promote your Business: Vatika Business Centre
Executive Suites to Promote your Business: Vatika Business Centre

2. Convenience:  You can find space for varied sizes (as per your requirement) in a variety of locations! You can choose a convenient location for yourself. Plus, you can take the space for rent for a limited period of time or for a longer duration. You can start your work immediately as you do not have to spend much time searching for the perfect office space. Executive suites are fully furnished and ready to move in at any time.

3. Many offices for one business: If your business calls for frequent traveling, you will of course need not one but many offices in varied locations. With executive suites in multiple locations, you get the benefit of holding business meets, wherever you travel.

4. Save time: This is another advantage of executive suite spaces. All cleaning, administration and maintenance work is taken care of by the owner. You get trained staff, who handles all management work and running the office. This way you save time. You and your employees just need to focus on your work and “get down to business”.

5. Cost effective: Finally, the most important benefit is that you save money. There are no investment and start-up costs involved. All furniture, equipment and facilities come fully equipped in executive office spaces. You don’t have to bear the cost for staff like as a receptionist, a clerical staff etc. Since you pay a monthly rent, you know your budget well in advance and this lessens your burden. Compared to a traditional office, business executive suites can be 40%-50% cheaper.

Tips to Make the Right Choice in Business Centers

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Location: The location of a business center is of great importance. It should be strategically located, especially in the heart of the city, so that it is in close proximity to business services, financial institutions, transport/Metro and even to the airport or railway station. For instance, you have renting office space in Hyderabad brought to you by the Vatika Business Centre, located strategically next to High Tech city, so that prospective clients can find you easily. Continue reading “Tips to Make the Right Choice in Business Centers”

Benefits from Fully Furnished Offices for Your Business

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Business Centers are in great demand nowadays by new start-ups as well as established businesses. This is because you can concentrate more on business while all other services, IT infrastructure and support are taken care of by a third party. For those who are in need of fully furnished offices in Delhi, you don’t have to look any further than Vatika Business Center. At Vatika Business Center, Delhi, you will find a professional environment that makes it helpful and easier for you to collaborate with your clients and various professionals. This is a sophisticated business center where you find the best business meeting/conference rooms and  in Delhi. Continue reading “Benefits from Fully Furnished Offices for Your Business”

Exclusively Designed Ready-To-Move-In Offices in Bangalore by Vatika Group

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The 4th largest technology cluster in the world, Bangalore is India’s Silicon Valley and the IT hub of the country. With rapid urbanization in the last decade along with modern infrastructural facilities, growth of many corporate, multinational and IT companies, world class IT infrastructure, Bangalore has indeed become the preferred destination for the young generation looking for greener pastures in this region. The conglomeration of many companies has paved the way for many opportunities for employees, employers and entrepreneurs. The real-estate sector has played a vital role in upgrading the city’s infrastructure in a big way. The demand for ready-to-use offices, full time offices in Bangalore is rising. Continue reading “Exclusively Designed Ready-To-Move-In Offices in Bangalore by Vatika Group”

Experience the Joy of Working at Vatika Business Center at Tech Park One, Pune

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A fully-furnished and well-equipped business center is a perfect and a cost-effective option for promoting your business, whether you are a small entrepreneur or a CEO of a multinational company. In this highly competitive world, companies are looking for options that reduce their overhead costs, improve their efficiency and contribute in increasing their productivity. To put the best foot forward in business, whether as a start-up or as a big one, it is necessary to have a proper and professional set up. But then, it is not always easy to have your own permanent office. It is in such a case, business centers are of great help and as such there is a boom in the demand for executive suites, meeting room facilities, and business centers in the real-estate market today. Continue reading “Experience the Joy of Working at Vatika Business Center at Tech Park One, Pune”

Factors To Be Considered While Building a Conference Room

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No matter the corporation is a small or a large one, the availability of well-structured conference rooms is essential. Just a set of 10 to 15 chairs and a long table will not solve the purpose of a suitable meeting room. This may lead to some unhappy guests or bad image of the company. Meeting & training rooms should be a place in peace where attendees can think and flourish new ideas. These rooms should be well equipped with all the required business amenities that can help in smooth routine functioning of the organization. Continue reading “Factors To Be Considered While Building a Conference Room”