Guiding Tips to Choose the Best Business Executive Suites in Mumbai

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Here are some guiding tips to choose the best office space or an executive suite in a  metro city like Mumbai.

Biggies in the real estate market are coming with a number of projects that offers business centres, office spaces and business executive suites in Mumbai. In today’s technologically advanced world, the concept of business executive suites has become very popular. However, in a large city like Mumbai, to find the best business meeting places is not so easy.

Executive suits in Mumbai

We provide below some guiding tips to choose the business office space in Mumbai

Location: Choose the location that is easily accessible for you and your prospective customers. Should be located in an area that is easy for public transit. For instance, some of the best locations are in Andheri East, Andheri West, Powai, Hiranandani Gardens, Chembur, Malad etc. Vatika Business Centre at Supreme Business park in Powai is one of the most sought after business office space in Mumbai.
No extra costs: When choosing an executive suite, make sure that all services and facilities are included in the payment plan and nothing extra is charged by the agent.

Flexible contract: The business centre chosen should have the flexible contract facility so that you are not bound for rentals for a longer duration. Choose a business centre that allows you to leave the space as per your need.

Facilities: All business centres offer certain basic facilities for the proper running of an office. These include telephone/fax lines, printer, internet connectivity, office stationery etc. Also the conference rooms in Mumbai office space should have proper installation of projectors and video conferencing facilities. Make sure that these facilities are offered by the business office centre.

Services: The business executive suite that you choose in Mumbai should provide all services associated with the proper operation of your office. These include 24 hours technical support, administrative staff to handle your office work, reception services to handle your calls and guests etc. In fact, while making a survey, make a list of services and facilities that you need and see that these are offered by the business executive suites.

Parking space: Last but not the least, see that the office space that you choose has an ample parking space. Better if the parking space is within the office premises.

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Top 5 Reasons to Opt for Executive Suites to Promote your Business

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For all entrepreneurs or businessmen, opting for business executive suites is a great idea to promote your business. There is no doubt, when you start your own business you also need your own work or office space. Instead of going for a rented apartment or a room in a commercial area, the better option is to opt for executive suites. The concept of executive suites is not a new one but it has become more popular in the recent years with the growing development of the real â estate sector. The executive suites provide a complete office package where you can present yourself in a very professional manner. Plus these are less expensive and save time.

Let us discuss below the advantages of using executive office spaces:  

1. Amenities: Business suites come with many facilities like as reception area, lobby, furniture, Internet, Parking, pantry, conference and meeting room, telephone, fax, copier machines, and 24 hours access to the office.

Executive Suites to Promote your Business: Vatika Business Centre
Executive Suites to Promote your Business: Vatika Business Centre

2. Convenience:  You can find space for varied sizes (as per your requirement) in a variety of locations! You can choose a convenient location for yourself. Plus, you can take the space for rent for a limited period of time or for a longer duration. You can start your work immediately as you do not have to spend much time searching for the perfect office space. Executive suites are fully furnished and ready to move in at any time.

3. Many offices for one business: If your business calls for frequent traveling, you will of course need not one but many offices in varied locations. With executive suites in multiple locations, you get the benefit of holding business meets, wherever you travel.

4. Save time: This is another advantage of executive suite spaces. All cleaning, administration and maintenance work is taken care of by the owner. You get trained staff, who handles all management work and running the office. This way you save time. You and your employees just need to focus on your work and “get down to business”.

5. Cost effective: Finally, the most important benefit is that you save money. There are no investment and start-up costs involved. All furniture, equipment and facilities come fully equipped in executive office spaces. You don’t have to bear the cost for staff like as a receptionist, a clerical staff etc. Since you pay a monthly rent, you know your budget well in advance and this lessens your burden. Compared to a traditional office, business executive suites can be 40%-50% cheaper.

Business Executive Suites – A Flexible Option for your Business

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The only thing which is constant in the business world’s is changed. Thus, it is important that your business has that flexible trait so as to mold as per the market needs. This flexible feature must be there in your business premises too, so that you could up-size or  downsize your business activities with much ease. At Vatika Business Centre, we offer you highly flexible business executive suites to meet all your business requirements.

Affordable Business Executive Suites
Business Executive Suites – Operate and customize your business activities as per the need of the hour.

A business executive suite allows you to operate and customize your business activities as per the need of the hour. When you rent an executive suite, all service charges like electricity and internet bills are summed up in the monthly fee. Thus, you exactly know how much you are paying and you pay only for what you use. This helps you in designing a proper budget for your business. Here in this proves that business executive suites are not only flexible solutions but one of the cost effective options to invest in.

In an executive suite, you are offered various infrastructure facilities and it is completely your call which facility to avail. This gives you the freedom of making a choice.Further, if you are a start up or just shifting your home office to an executive suite, then you will require various things like office furniture, computers or laptops, IT facilities, a reception and a lot more. With an executive suite you get all this, exactly tailor made as per your need. In addition to this, while renting the suite you don’t sign any long term contract and thus, you have the liberty to make changes whenever Fifty Shades Darker 2017 film now

At Vatika Business Centre, we understand that different clients have different business needs. We pay proper heed to their specifications and requirements and offer them solutions accordingly. Being blessed with state-of-the-art infrastructure, VBC has been able to serve the market with the most reliable office solutions. Our executive suites are known for meeting different needs of different professionals. Moreover, all are office spaces are centrally located at the prime locations that offer an impressing physical address to the clients.

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Avail Exclusive Executive Suites in the Westin, Gurgaon with Vatika Business Centre

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Your business premises makes the first impression on your clients, hence the first impression should be influential enough. With Vatika Business Centre you can effortlessly knock off the socks of your clients. Avail the exquisitely designed business executive suites in the premises of one of the highly reputed hotels, The Westin – Gurgaon. There can be nothing more overwhelming than finalizing deals inside the exclusive executive suite of an international hotel.

Business Office Space at Westin
Enjoy Exclusive Executive Suites in the Westin – The Most Luxurious 5 Star Hotel in Gurgaon

The whole package of the business executive suite includes 8 seater meeting room, cabin suites, waiting lounge and a lot more. The interiors of the suites are designed to meet international industry standards. Even the minute details like lighting are given due importance. At Vatika Business Centre, we believe in creating a perfect ambience to provide an extraordinary working environment.

“The Westin” is not just a name; rather, is one of the renowned brands of the Starwood Hotels and Resorts Worldwide. As per the last statistics, in 2005 the Westin operated 120 hotels in 24 nations and in 2011the number raised to 160 hotels in 37 nations. The hotel claims that in1946 it was the first to introduce guest credit cards. The golden era also witnessed the first time ever introduction of 24-hour room service in 1969, followed by personal voice mail in each room in 1991.

“The Westin” is one of the branches of the big tree that is best known as the Starwood Hotels and Resorts Worldwide, Inc. Starwood is an internationally distinguished American hotel and leisure company. The company has flourished in various business activities right from owning, operating, franchising and managing. It owns 9 reputed brands from the real estate sector that includes hotels, spas, resorts, residences and vacation ownership properties.

Log on to and get started with the business executive suites of The Westin. The features that you have read, will be rendered to you in real time. So, hurry up!!

Avail Business Executive Suites for Augmenting Your Business Growth

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Keeping in view the tough economic times, entrepreneurs are trying to cut cost by ruling out the need for a business office especially those operating an online business. However, many a time’s businesses require conducting face to face business meetings and require other support services for its success. This is where executive suites prove to be helpful.

We at Vatika Business Centre offer office space or business executive suites that offers you the opportunity to build up your own business regime, get advantage of existing amenities, scenic beauty, and chances of having a wider and impressed customer base.


Business Executive Suites at Vatika Business Centre
Well designed and decorated business executive suits at Vatika Business Centre

Executive suite is a kind of rental offices that is completely furnished and well-equipped office and offers a perfect solution to fulfil the demands of a temporary office space. Executive suites are indeed good business decision for business owner. In fact, these suites offer everything that is required for the proper functioning of your business.

At VBC, we help you to manage your office space set up by offering business executive suites along with fully furnished office space. We also take pride in providing our client’s exceptional customer service, making it incredibly easy for anyone to move right into their new executive suite and start working immediately.

An executive suite provides a professionally structured, total business and support services environment for business organizations or individual entrepreneurs. These provisions normally combine a package of office spaces, facilities and services.

We at VBC offer state-of-the-art technology, in addition to high speed internet, telephone, FAX, videoconferencing, PC rental, and associated software systems and training. With years of experience in the industry, our highly trained staff personnel provide on-site support besides exceptional level of customer service.

Although, executive suites are temporary offices, they should be situated in accessible areas and should offer the image of professionalism and stability. At Vatika Business Centre, you can avail all the benefits that even a traditional office would fail to offer.

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Things to Look for Before Renting Executive Office Suites

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Are you starting a new business and require a professional office setting to conduct your business? Is the expenditure of opening an office – the furniture, the office machines and a full time receptionist- barring you from doing so? We at Vatika Business Centre offer fully furnished executive suites customized to fit your needs.

Executive Office Space
Well Designed and Fully Furnished Executive Suites

These fully-equipped professional office solutions are designed for solopreneurs, fast growing businesses, and home-based workers. So, whether you require multiple offices, a single office or just an impressive mailing address, our trained professionals are here to support you with whatsoever you need to make your business a success.

There is however certain things that you should look for in your executive office suite before finalizing one.  Have a glimpse at some of the factors that might be of help.

The first thing that you need considering is the location, this would include other surrounding businesses, nearby restaurants and connectivity to that area besides other important landmarks, so that it becomes convenient for professionals.

Next thing that you need looking for is a nearby lodging especially if your business requires meeting with lot of out of town clients. With a nearby lodging around, your clients can have the convenience of getting in quickly and easily.

When looking for your executive office suite, it is equally important to consider the parking facilities available around the office premises. Proper parking facilities should be available as the client’s visiting your office would require the same for parking their vehicles. Parking costs are indeed a part of your business expense, so don’t commit the blunder of ignoring them.

For solopreneurs, or professionals that travel often, having virtual receptionists and live phone answering is essential as a virtual receptionist could handle all those communications for them, without them getting bothered with incessant phone calls, on their cell phones.

So, if you are thinking of opening your first office or a branch office in a new market, VBC offers a wide range of executive suite solutions designed to facilitate more flexibility and that too with no upfront costs and terms to suit you. We indeed offer everything you require to meet your needs.

So, find the perfect solution for your business, without any useless expenses at VBC. Log on to for more information.