Benefits of Having a Virtual Office

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The concept of virtual office let people do the work by not physically occupying the workspace. Virtual offices are especially beneficial for start-ups and self-employed people. The demands for virtual offices have been increasing over the last years, which confirm its popularity among people. But if you are still not convinced to go for a virtual office or not, then read here some of the advantages of virtual office.
Have a look at the benefits of virtual offices:

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Address of a Prime Location
Virtual office gives you an address of a prime location that you can use to collect your couriers. You can also mention this address on your official documents for your business. You can collect your courier/ parcel whenever you wishes to visit the office. Several business centres provide virtual offices along with traditional services.
Personalized call answering in your company name
It is heard to answer every business call by yourself that you receive in a day. Calls can disrupt your focus in the work and wastes a lot of precious time. With a virtual office, you will get the service where staff will answer call in your company name. You will be notified of the same on regular basis. This saves you time and creates a superior business persona.
Flexible Timings
A virtual office gives you the freedom to work from home or any other location. It also gives you flexibility in terms of timings. You don’t have to wake up early as there will be no commuting time to take into consideration. You can work at the comfort of home and can take break from work whenever you want. 
Cost Affordability
Since virtual office doesn’t require you to physically occupy the workspace, you don’t have to spend money on office furniture, commuting and other office accessories. This helps you save you money that you can further invest in your business.

5 Budget-Friendly Coworking Spaces in Delhi NCR

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One of the reasons of growing popularity of coworking spaces is its cost effective pricing plans. No doubt that among startups, freelancers and young entrepreneurs, coworking space is the first option to choose when it comes to select office workspace. If you are an entrepreneur or want to commence a startup at Delhi NCR, then this compiled list of coworking spaces will help you to find your next office space.

Coworking spaces in india

Vatika Business Centres
Vatika Business Centre offers multitude of services – serviced offices, virtual office, etc.  For start-ups or freelancers, they also offer coworking space. Their coworking spaces are located in Vatika Atrium, Gurgaon and Noida. Their services include wifi access, round the clock security, beverage facilities, printer facilities, etc.
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5 Reasons Why Business Location Is Important

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Having an esteemed business location has many advantages. A good location attracts not only good clients but also employees. It gives your business an ingrained persona and makes a good first impression on people.
Let us have a look at some of the reasons that make business landmark important:

Vatika Business Centre

Image of the Company
The image of a business is extremely important for a business. Meeting clients in an ultra-modern business centre located in a posh area makes a good long lasting impression on them. Similarly, candidates also want to pursue their career in a well-established company. A good image is a deciding factor for both potential employees and clients whether they want to be associated with you in the future or not.

Infrastructural Facilities
If a company is located in famous landmark it receives better infrastructural facilities such as transportation facilities like metro and autos, hotels and restaurants, banks, attractive shops and extra local development. You will get good commuting facilities and luxury hotels for scheduling client meeting. A proper commercial hub also has a tight security team that makes it safe for everyone.

Re-sale Value
Business centres near famous landmark offers a high standard of lifestyle. Thus, office spaces for rent are usually expensive in such areas. However, this also increases their value in real estate market. If in future you want to sell your office space and move to some other place then you will get good re-sale amount on your initial investment.

People will easily recognize your company address if it is located in a well-known location of the city. It helps to build credibility of your business thereby attracting more employees as well as clients.
Thus, choosing a good business location has several benefits. It offers excellent connectivity to other parts of the town, offers luxurious places for business meetings, makes good impression on clients and provides safety and security to everyone.

5 Easy Steps to Get an Office on Rent in Bangalore

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Getting an office on rent in Bangalore is a major concern for a person willing to start-up a business. Here are some steps to get an office easily.

One of the major concerns before starting any business in Bangalore is the location at which the entire business can be set up. Among the options of buying or renting a office space, the latter seems to be the best option. However, getting an office on rent in Bangalore is not an easy task, but we will make it simple for you! Following are five easy steps that will make your hunt easy:

bangalore office space
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Office Workspace Structures For Smooth Business

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An appropriate and structured workspace helps in streamlining the business. Along with providing comfort to the employees, it also gives an organized look to the office.

Office space structure
Workspace Structures For Smooth Business

The vital objective of an office space is to give the employees a professional feel and a dedicated workspace while handling their job – but all this should be cost-consuming. In a single office, different employees perform various activities and tasks and to have a streamline work process, it is very important to have a structured workspace. A properly distributed workspace helps in quick decision making and completion of task.
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When Should You Consider Opting for a Plug and Play Office

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The ongoing trend of plug and play office is on a rise. Businessmen are opting for these offices to increase their business productivity and reduce their costs.
In a place like Delhi, managing the daily expense is a challenging task and if you are planning to start a business or are already handling a business in the city, you need to manage the expenses carefully. Many people consider the option of taking an office on rent in Delhi as this is an economical option. Business matters are risky, hence it is very important to take the minimum risk in the initial years. Many people make the mistake of investing in a property to start off their business, but later on regret the decision if the location is not appropriate or if the business does not flourish as expected. Bringing an end to all such problems is the availability of plug and play offices in Delhi. If you are already running a business, but are not satisfied with your current office space, you can consider opting for a part-time office space in Delhi. Here are some of the situations when you should opt for a ready to move in office in Delhi:
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10 Interesting Facts about Fully Equipped Office in India

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Opting for a fully equipped office is certainly a great choice. Here are a few interesting facts about these offices.

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Many people dream of starting their own business venture and the first thing that is required to take this dream a step forward is the availability of an ideal office space. The concept of opting for fully equipped office in India is rising as people today look for much more than just an office space, and this is what fully equipped offices provide. Here are some interesting facts about serviced offices:

  • When you opt for a traditional full time office in India, generally you cannot calculate the overall expenses that you will have to bear, but when you opt for a fully equipped office, it is easy to handle all your expenses as you just need to pay the monthly rental.
  • There is no long procedure that needs to be followed while opting for a serviced office. All you need to do is sign the lease, and move in straight away.
  • These offices are ideal for people willing to start a business. Also, this is a great option for an already established company, willing to improve its location and increase its flexibility.
  • Serviced office spaces are taken care by management companies that offer top-notch services and take care of all your requirements.
    Businesses can choose a location of their choice depending on their product position and availability of retail centers.
    The agreement for serviced office is flexible.
  • You can be assured of the safety of your business as these offices have tight security measures. The cost of this facility is not additional; it is already included in your monthly rental.
  • Now-a-days, in India, meeting and conference rooms are being used extensively and conventional office spaces do not provide these meeting room facilities. In India, the furnished offices are well equipped with all the facilities that are required for the smooth functioning of a business.
  • Serviced offices generally follow the concept of shared environment. Sharing means that the costs that you would have otherwise paid all by yourself gets distributed among the tenants.
  • Serviced offices also provide a dedicated reception area and a skilled receptionist to handle all your calls.

All in all, opting for a fully equipped office is a great choice for people willing to start a business and also for people willing to enjoy maximum benefits in reduced prices.

Business Incubator Office Space and Its Benefits

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Business incubators, the latest trend in the real-estate market,  provide a shared office space for new businesses or start-ups, supported by business advice and other services.

Business Centre in India
Business Incubator Office Space and Its Benefits

The concept of business incubators is not new. While in the West, business incubators are very popular, in India, the idea of opting for business incubator space is slowly gaining prominence. Major real estate developers are focusing on developing incubation office spaces, along with other commercial projects and business centres and business parks.  Are you starting a new business? Are you looking for a temporary office space for rent at a reasonable rate with regular support, mentoring and networking? If your answer is yes, then a business incubator would definitely work for you.

What is a business incubator office space?
A business incubator is basically designed to provide office space, office equipment, business support resources and services, networking connections, including mentoring services and capital for a start-up or new business. A typical incubator office has a space to accommodate around 15 – 50 small businesses. All these new start-ups work towards the goal of moving from that facility within 2-3 years to a well-setup organization.  That is why business incubators help a lot in starting up a new venture. It is basically a shared workspace for new business owners.

Benefits of incubation office space

  • Incubators or in simple terminology, instant office space for rent provide a large number of benefits to owners of new or start up businesses.
  • The basic advantage is that it has a minimal start-up costs. The rental rates offered in these office spaces are usually low as compared to full-fledged office executive suite. In this way, the business owners can focus more on developing their business rather than focusing on paying the next bill. Rents are usually below-market rates
  • Usually such office spaces are located at the business centres and managed by them and provide on-site, business support, training and mentoring.
  • In incubation office spaces for rent, there is no requirement of long term lease. The reason being these are available as temporary office spaces for rent.
  • Almost all incubators offer 24 hour access to tenants or businesses.
  • Such offices have shared meeting and training rooms and other administration facilities, including telephone, secretarial office, and production equipment, the expenses of which are shared with other start up companies. This reduces the overhead and operational costs of everyone.

Guiding Tips to Choose the Best Full Time Office Space for your Business

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Finding the right office space is not an easy task. You should plan, give plenty of time and resources to find the perfect space for your business.

Finding the right office space is one of the hardest challenges for any business owner. The concept of business centres is fast gaining importance in India, where you have the option of choosing a full time office or part time office as per your need. Full time offices have become very popular in recent years as these offices can be tailored as per your requirements. However, you need to consider certain factors while choosing a full time office space.

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How to Choose Fulltime Office Spaces?

Location: This is the most important factor as you want an address that is prominent and that is easily accessible by your employees and prospective clients. Luckily, there are many prominent business centres coming up in various cities in the country. For example, you get the best full time offices in Hyderabad at Divyashree Omega, Vatika Business Centre.

Size and Layout: Choose an office space as per the number of employees in your organization. You can expand or reduce the office size as and when required. Also, the layout of the office space should be conducive to the work that you do.

Infrastructure and Amenities: Check out whether the ready-to-move-in offices have all the necessary equipment and infrastructure for smooth running of your office. For instance, you need to find out whether there is a conference room or not? Do they provide administrative staff and technical support or not? What about the kitchen, pantry and bathroom?  Make a list of things that you want and a list of things that you don’t want. Make sure, your office needs match your pre-build business strategy.

Flexible Contract: Always check whether the space that you have taken up is on a flexible lease or not so that you can renew or discontinue with the lease as per your need.

Shared Space: Also check out the common shared areas like as the lounge, reception and help desk, whether they have proper trained staff to handle queries and daily calls etc.

Vatika Business Centre brings to you some of the best ready-to-move-in offices in Hyderabad.

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Advantages of Full Time Office Spaces for your Business

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Full-time offices or executive suites are becoming popular because they are cost effective, comfortable, flexible, and sustainable.

Why spend on a traditional office set up when you have a ready to move, fully equipped office space in various business centers of the country?  Yes, the concept of business center is growing with a number of businesses, organizations large or small, start ups, or home workers are opting for commercial office space on rent with all infrastructure, office solutions, and support.

Full time office space
Benefits of Full Time Office Space

  • Start your business or your work immediately by opting for ready to move commercial office spaces. You get all the support services. This is an effective alternative to traditional office spaces.
  • You need not worry about furniture, appliances, staff, office equipment, phones, fax and Internet connectivity, and other utilities and maintenance costs.  You pay a fixed rent with all the charges included.
  • A commercial office space for rent has conference room, meeting room, audio/video conferencing facilities that give a very professional look to your office set up.
  • It also comes with fully equipped pantry, stylish reception areas and lounges, to provide a harmonious working environment.
  • You can take a full time office space on lease which is flexible and can be for a very short period of term.
  • Services offered can be customized as per your specific needs.
  • You get a professional reception service and trained admin staff.
  • Choose the location of your choice. For instance, a well known name in the real estate market today is Vatika Business Centre, who offers full time offices, virtual offices etc. at some of the best locations all across the country.
  • You can expand, downsize, change your office space to adapt to your changing business requirements.
  • Selecting a full time office in a particular location offers you with the chance to find out whether that area is appropriate to your organization or not, whether it works for your customers or not. If not, you can shift to another location. A commercial office space is customizable and flexible.

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