Avail High-End Meeting Room Facilities to Make Your Meeting Successful

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Meetings and conferences are organized to discuss important business issues. In order to make a meeting successful, it is essential that the meeting room in question is equipped with all the necessary requirements which enhance the productivity of your meeting. Though, hosting an event within your own office premises is a good idea but there are several things which make renting a meeting room a favorable option

Hire Fully equipped meeting/conference rooms to impress your clients.
Hire Fully equipped meeting/conference rooms to impress your clients.

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Conference Room in Pune-Perfect Combination of Efficiency and Convenience

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For a corporate event to go as per the plan, it is necessary that everything required for accomplishing a successful meeting or conference should be in place including the best of all available conference venues. Since, businesses try to build up and maintain contacts, customers and clients during these events, securing a suitable venue for holding such events is of vital importance.

Whether you are planning a conference, seminar, or a training session, VBC business centre in Tech Park one, Pune offers 9 Meeting Rooms ranging from a 4 seater discussion room to 20 Seater Board\training Room to accommodate business needs. Vatika Business Centre can customize its facilities to meet individual business needs while ensuring a memorable event.

Conference Room - Tech Park One, Pune
Conference Room – Tech Park One, Pune

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Questions to Ask before Renting a Conference Room

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Today, one of the easiest options to fulfill any of our needs is by renting what we don’t have. The same is the case for conference rooms. If you do not have one, rent it! But before selecting a room, make sure you ask the following questions.

Vatika Business Centre by Vatika Business Centre
Conference Room in Gurgaon by Vatika Business Centre

When people plan to setup their own business in Gurgaon, the first thing that they look out for is an ideal office space. For a start-up business, it is not possible to invest a lot of money in establishing a magnificent infrastructure, hence they go for the option of office on lease in Gurgaon. The millennium city has emerged splendidly in the recent years and today there is an availability of a huge number of commercial office spaces in Gurgaon. When you rent an office space, you may or may not have a separate conference room. In Gurgaon, you have the option of renting a conference or meeting room separately for times when you need one. However, when you plan to rent a conference room or a meeting room in Gurgaon, you should not take an instant decision by merely looking at the infrastructure. Here are a few questions that you should ask before renting the room:

  • Ask about the shape of the room and the number of people that can be accommodated easily in the room.
  • Inquire about the number of computers that are available.
  • Have a look at the positioning of the computers and see if it is appropriate according to the seating arrangement.
  • Ask if the computers can be moved if needed, or is it mandatory to keep them in the same position as they have been fixed. You might want to involve the participants in some activities during the conference and for that you may have to divide them into teams. It is in this situation that you might have to change the positioning of the computers.
  • Look out for the placement of the projector screen and check if it is movable.
  • Ask if there is an availability of an overhead projector.
  • Ask who controls the temperature of the conference room. Generally, after a certain period of time, the room becomes extremely cold if the temperature is not managed. This situation becomes uncomfortable for the participants and also, they cannot concentrate properly on the objective of the conference.
  • Ask which type of lighting system does the room support. The room should be lit properly and the participants should be able to view the documents with ease.
  • Ask if there is an availability of a high-speed internet connection and also ask what measures or what backup plans are there is any equipment fails.

Once you ask the above mentioned questioned and get satisfactory answers, you can select the conference room!

Factors To Be Considered While Building a Conference Room

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No matter the corporation is a small or a large one, the availability of well-structured conference rooms is essential. Just a set of 10 to 15 chairs and a long table will not solve the purpose of a suitable meeting room. This may lead to some unhappy guests or bad image of the company. Meeting & training rooms should be a place in peace where attendees can think and flourish new ideas. These rooms should be well equipped with all the required business amenities that can help in smooth routine functioning of the organization. Continue reading “Factors To Be Considered While Building a Conference Room”

What Makes Hiring a Conference Room Venue a Perfect Alternative to Maintaining One?

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In this era of economic downturn, all businesses, especially the small and the start-ups attempt to save on unnecessary expenses, which add to their overall costs and thus decrease their profitability. Since meetings and conferences are an integral aspect of any business, organizations are often try to cut down on cost by renting conference rooms. In fact, renting is an ideal way for small enterprises to conduct corporate events while benefiting from many advantages. Continue reading “What Makes Hiring a Conference Room Venue a Perfect Alternative to Maintaining One?”

Hire Fully Equipped Conference Room Venues to Enhance Your Business Image

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The success of any conference depends greatly upon the selection of venue and the kind of facilities offered by it. In fact, it is the arrangements of the conference that make it effective. So, if you are thinking of holding a conference or a corporate event, then it is essential for you to choose a conference venue that fulfils your requirement. Continue reading “Hire Fully Equipped Conference Room Venues to Enhance Your Business Image”

Hire Conference Room Facilities to Portray Professional Image of Your Company

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Meeting and conference rooms are the face of any business set-up. It is therefore necessary to make them presentable and tidy. However, many times due to financial constraints businesses avoid maintaining their own facility and hire out conference facilities from companies offering this service.

We at Vatika Business Centre strive to offer the very best in serviced offices, meeting rooms and virtual office solutions to our clients. Business solution offered by us interprets to the most admired locations, besides most dynamic working environments and state of the art technology and business support services.

Conference Room Facilities
Well Maintained Conference Room at Vatika Business Centre

A perfect conference room facility is fully equipped and has everything that is required to hold a successful conference. These facilities include broadband Internet access, telephone connectivity, TV, Projectors, Audio & Video Conferencing facilities besides all sorts of office and IT support services.

Vatika Business Centre offers resourceful and economical solution to conduct your meetings and conferences. Whether you wish to conduct an interview, training session, client meeting or give a presentation to your team, Vatika Business Centre provides meeting and conference room facilities customized to suit your needs.

Today, every business is looking to save on needless expenditures wherever possible. By hiring out conference facilities, companies cannot just save the cost and hassle of maintaining their own facilities but also impress prospective clients for getting better business opportunities.

VBC offers excellent conference room facilities that could be hired out by businesses looking out for such services. Now, businesses can save on all the overheads of keeping a conference room of their own, while availing all outstanding facilities and that too without spending much or more than necessary.

When it comes to conference room rental, the size and capacity of the venue holds great significance. There should be enough space to fit in all the attendees so that everyone could be seated comfortably. Besides ample seating capacity, there should be sufficient parking space for attendees who are likely to reach the venue by car.

Vatika Business Centre offers conference rooms of different sizes so that client can choose one as per their need. So, whether you’re looking to expand, relocate or be a part of a fast growing business exchange, we could be of help. We offer flexible, cost-effective and high-quality services.

Power Your Conferences with State-of-the-Art Facilities

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Conferences can be a crucial adjunct to the success of your business, the proper organization of which is essential to a firm’s image. In order to make such corporate events a great success, it is essential to hire a high-end conference room that offers an entire range of conference facilities besides business and other secretarial services.

Conference Rooms
Conference Room: Well Designed and Equipped with all Facilities

The kind and type of facilities depends greatly upon the nature of the conference; so it is important to bear in mind that different types of conferences demand different types of facilities. While various types of venues like hotels, historic places, museums, auditoriums, conference centres etc. could be availed for holding conferences and important meetings, business centres are the most suitable option for holding business meetings as they have all the requisite facilities for making a meeting successful.

We at Vatika Business centre offer conference and meeting rooms besides virtual and serviced offices. Our conference rooms are equipped with all sorts of state of the art facilities that can cater for any corporate event; from small presentations to international AGM’s or for any business looking for excellent facilities at affordable prices.

VBC offers conference rooms appropriate for a variety of settings such as u-shape, classroom, boardroom, round table and more. We organize your event in the most
hassle-free way and that to from beginning till the end. Besides perfect location, we offer conference rooms accommodating six to twelve delegates.

The modern conference facilities offered by VBC help businesses achieve their objectives by helping organize things in a hassle free way for the attendees, contributing hugely to the success of any business.

Hiring a conference or meeting room that is already equipped with technologically advanced facilities can be a real money saver and can allow conducting a conference or meeting in a hassle-freeway. All this can mark a better impression on clients and colleagues.

Vatika Business Centre offers a comprehensive range of conference room facilities that makes it a wonderful place for the organization of meetings and conferences.

In order to make your conferences or meetings successful, it is advisable to hire a conference room that is equipped with state-of the art facilities that are flexible as well as cost-effective.

For more information about VBC conference rooms, log on to www.vatikabusinesscentre.com to have a glimpse at the amazing conference centre facilities that they have.

4 Great Reasons to Hire Conference Rooms to Impress Your Clients

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Most companies and business are in a need of holding conferences on a regular basis. Such important meetings and events can be held for different purposes and therefore require to be held in a proper venue. In fact, the venue you choose to hire can determine the success of the event and is therefore an important decision. Continue reading “4 Great Reasons to Hire Conference Rooms to Impress Your Clients”