The Growing Market of Shared Office Spaces in India

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Shared office spaces have witnessed global expansion in the recent years. With immense growth of serviced offices & co-working spaces, it is no longer considered a subsector but a fundamental core of commercial real estate. In India, this market is consistently growing because of several viable reasons.

As per the findings of a CBRE report, shared office space leasing in India will touch 10 million sq. ft. by 2020. While this indicates inevitable growth for this market in the upcoming years as well, let’s find out which factors are fostering widespread expansion of shared office spaces in India:

1. Startup India Initiative – Began in 2015 with the objective of promoting India as a start-up hub across the world, this Indian Government initiative has incentivized start-ups in numerous ways. The low-interest rate loans to entrepreneurs, funding support and incentives are some of the key drivers that led to a wave of entrepreneurship in India. The initiative has begotten several small & mid-sized businesses that work out of shared offices due to no huge upfront investments, flexible rentals, and lower OPEX.

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6 Factors to Consider Before Choosing a Serviced Office

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Choosing the right serviced office is an important determinant for your business growth. It is incredibly significant to ponder a few factors beforehand as office spaces have the brand image glued to them. From day to day operations, employee engagement & productivity, a flourishing work culture, client attraction and more, a serviced office must foster your business functions so that you make optimum utilization of your budget. There are a number of factors that must be considered before choosing a serviced office; however, following is a checklist of six vital factors for the same:

  1. A Landmark Location

Is my office located in a bustling commercial hub? Can my clients get there without any hassle? Are my employees comfortable reaching there every day? Before choosing a serviced office, it is important to consider its location. No matter how beautifully an office space is designed, it will not add prominence to your business presence if it is positioned aloof at a place which is hard to reach. Continue reading “6 Factors to Consider Before Choosing a Serviced Office”