Video Conferencing: The Technology on A Rise

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Technology has revolutionized our lives tremendously. Gone are the days when people had to send letters to their loved ones or to had to wait for several days in response to a business deal they made with their business partners. The present generation takes only a second to the connect with the people sitting in the other part of the world – all this is possible via mobile phones, e-mails, answering machines, instant messaging and video conferencing.

Video conferencing- the use of this technology is undoubtedly on a rise and is being used by various business centers in India. When businessmen look for an ideal business office space in India, they select an office space offering conferencing facilities. Gurgaon is one of the commercial hubs and various plug and play offices are providing excellent video conferencing facilities in Gurgaon. Video conferencing has become one of the most important tools for businesses. There are a few points that should be considered if you are looking for an office offering the facility of video conferencing in Gurgaon.

Video Confrencing

While conducting a video conferencing session, it is very important that the message conveyed during the session is audible by all. For this, ensure that the room is equipped with good acoustics. A square shaped room, tiles and carpets should be avoided as each of these objects absorb sounds in various degrees. Another factor that you should look out for is the positioning of the equipment. Merely having the equipment is not enough – it should be placed correctly for effective functioning. Make sure that the camera and the microphones are positioned according to the position of the speaker.

The other facilities that are important for an ideal conference room are a high speed internet connection on a laptop, a projector, virtual whiteboard so that everyone who is a part of the video conference can add themselves. A hardware that can easily convert the video and audio signals into a format that can be digitally compressed should also be present.

If your office space is not equipped with these facilities, you can always rent a space offering these facilities. The bookings can be made in accordance to the time slot in which you would be needing the conference room.