5 species of co-workers everyone has!

Our co-workers often become our family!

While each workplace can differ greatly according to its industry and company culture, there are some types of people you’re destined to meet in every workplace. We put down a list of 5 such co-workers that you’ll cross paths with, no matter where you’re working. Read on & have a hearty laugh.

  • The Latecomer

These species of co-workers are invariable late. Even to office parties. Well, to top it all, these habitual latecomers always blame it on the traffic. Even on a Sunday early morning! That’s how bad it it is!

No matter where you work, you can spot someone of this specimen.

  • The Coffee addict

The moment you call them a coffee addict, their legit comebacks will be the following:

“ I’m not a coffee addict. I’m just a little over attached. That’s all.”

“ This isn’t coffee addiction. It’s called lifestyle!”

“Did you ever stop to think that maybe coffee is addicted to me.”

These co-workers need strongly brewed coffee every hour of every day. You’ll often spot them being overly attached to their cuppa.

  • The Gym Rat

We all struggle with how to balance work, our social lives, and our health. Not the Gym Rat. He frequently uses work facilities to change into and out of workout clothes, making the rest of us feel like total slobs. Not cool, Gym Rat. You’ll always see them pumped up about heir workout regime, no matter what time of the day.

  • The Social Director

The Social Director loves planning group activities for the office, from happy hours to softball leagues. Social Directors are maybe too into it, though. Like, How hollow or terrifying is their existence outside the office? Whatever be the activity the first round’s on them!

  • The busy bee

The busy bee is always too preoccupied with work to chat or participate in anything beyond . Thye’d answer your e-mails only after an immense amount of prompting. And as soon as you are locked into a project, they want to drain minutes out of your day with some very pressing issue that cannot wait. Everything this busy bee is doing is the most important thing.


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