Business Support Services Making Businesses Thrive

Business Support Services Making Businesses Thrive

Are you pondering too much through these days? Are you on tenterhooks that which one fine day you could start a business? “How would I be able to bring all the things together and still be cost-effective? When and where to go hunt for some good manpower?” What if all these queries are forming a mesh in your mind? The solution is this with, Vatika Business Centre and it has all the premium business services to render you at the most affordable prices with uncompromising quality.

Vatika Business Centres can flinch helping you from the scratch. To comprehend it better, understanding what Amit did while starting his business can be a good example for you. Since he was operating single-handedly he decided to approach Vatika Business Centre and efficaciously explored our value added services.

We began with the Registration Process and Legal Compliances, the services that cover Business registration, GST, ESI and PF. Once, the process of registration concluded well for him he wanted to recruit staff. Once again, our business centre stretched out a facilitating hand to him. This was where we asked him to sit back and work on enhancing his company’s promotion while we offered him human Resource Solutions which covered Recruitment and HR Consulting. Our Business Support Services were ever-ready to even take Amit’s liability off from all the Taxation related jobs i.e. Company Tax Filing and even Individual Tax Filing, so no hard-pressed working hours at his office, as all his Tax(ing) jobs, were done by us.

The next point that worried him was the business travel bookings. “Leave that to us”, is what the concierge desk assured him. After a kick starts to his business we had his business tours lined-up and our Concierge services were eager to plan the trips for him, all set with the Rider services, Travel Desk operations, managing his stays and even provided him with the secretarial support that worked exceptionally thriving. These services are more than what once could desire and fulfil at affordable prices. Of course, what we here wish for is that you have a clutter free travel like Amit, while all your business related apprehensions are lying with us.

Now it is easier than ever before! Sitting across oceans too, Amit has Vatika’s IT support team working at his Mumbai office. This office has a competing 24*7 network access, server and desktop monitoring and OS installations are regularly being done. He doesn’t have to frown over abrupt system failures because all the applications, firewalls, routers, installation of printers, data recovery and back-up are handled by our IT support services. So, what else you think could be a better deal than opting us and leave your worries behind?

Unlike others, we here at Vatika believe in attaining a professional edge. If it must be a formal event we ensure that your business standards and integrity is well-respected and accounted for. Therefore, the spaces that we provide are business friendly, technologically updated, secure and flexible. Our value added services have been most sought-after services as these are highly premium and totally opposite of what one calls a café culture in business. We are a one spot centre for anything that calls for business development and growth, as we here believe in “Joy of Working!” and “Creating Lasting Values”.

Author: Sonam Sehgal

Sonam Sehgal, a storyteller and blogger by passion believes in doing researched worked and writing insightful articles imparting knowledge of the topics relevant to entrepreneurship/startups/SME industry.

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