Ideal Office Space For Corporates At CP, New Delhi

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The capital it is and at the heart of it lays the ever gleaming, magnetic and buzzing Connaught Place. The place is an abode for array of offices and also a popular hub for foodies and shoppers in Delhi. Vatika Business Centres are almost permeating with their manifestation at 18 centres across the country and they scintillatingly have established themselves in all the prime locations. Vatika is expanding its chain of business centres by launching their second in Delhi, at Thapar House, Janpath. It has to undoubtedly be your office address if you are looking for a premium space for official purpose. The centre is going to inaugurate in September 2018 and is ringing high hopes to be hailed as warmly as its first centre was. Being at the core of Delhi, this co-working space has all the mandatory qualities as needed by your enterprise.

Vatika business centres offer you premium serviced offices, virtual offices, co-working spaces and HD Conferencing meeting rooms. The centre also owns a beautiful cafeteria ‘Breathe’ where one could sit, sip over coffee and work clutter free for a lavish experience altogether. No second thoughts about it that you would be located at Central Delhi, the professional pivot where you sense a breeze of healthy work culture around. What are the plus points of hiring an office space like this one? You are just 50 metres away from Janpath Metro station, that means you are directly linked to the metro line and can commute anywhere to Delhi/NCR at any time during the day. You step out of the airport and directly reach Connaught circle via metro and that is where you find us. No running from North to South in search of an official address when you can now harbour yourself at Central Delhi.

The plush side of having Thapar House as a work centre is that you are surrounded by the Capital’s best leisure spots- restaurants, book stores, lounges, art galleries, theatre etc. that promise you a rejuvenating life after work and a fun-filled weekend once you step out of your office. The office spaces are technically advanced and speak for themselves, these plug and play offices only need you and your team to come and resume working without any hassle of looking after IT support systems, staffing, legal compliance, tax-filing or concierge. You just name a Business support service and Vatika Business Centres have everything in place to be rendered to you as a great amenity. The idea is to provide all the premium services and make the experience lavish and rich. We offer all the facilities under one roof being the most cost effective with an uncompromising quality. The location of the office here at Thapar House could be a sagacious choice because this place is a business hub in itself and is exceedingly connected to the rest of the city. Our newly built centre is just a call away from you as we convivially offer you to reserve us at the earliest.

Few Exercises One Can Do At Office

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The alarm clock buzzes and one has to get going. No snoozing and looking back at the inviting bed in the morning. It is a week-day, a lot should be lined up, countless number of files on the desktop, the telephone calls in a loop, the mailbox flooded with the e-emails. Such is the plight of a mechanised and sedentary lifestyle one lives in. The studies have shown that an average adult sits for 10-12 hours a day and mostly during working hours. Even if you are exercising otherwise but sitting continuously for hours at office, then it is equal to ‘no exercising’ because your body is absorbing calories with double the speed. Studies have shown that ‘prolonged siting can lead to increased risk of obesity, diabetes and heart-diseases’.

Vatika Business Centres are premium designed offices, which are highly spacious, give you a comfortable seat at work, customised in almost all ways, plug and play that takes away all your apprehensions about how and where to start the work, since our first class services are saving much time for you. At our business centres you can find solace in exercising while working as you are already present in a calm and stress- free environment. Mentioned below are the various exercises that can be easily done at your desks:

Neck Flex
You could just take your right ear towards right shoulder, hold on for a few seconds and repeat for the left side. This will help all your muscles relax and will increase the blood flow in the brain which can help you regain strength to work healthier.

Feet Stretch
The gentle circular movements of the feet could really help in rejuvenating during office hours. Therefore, happiness lies right under your desk, just stretch the feet as a stress reliever. This surely upturns the blood flow in the body and one regains endurance.


It is good way to relieve your neck and shoulders. Gentle circular movements keep away all the cervical problems. Sitting at the computers all day makes the neck area, shoulder and back stiff, therefore this is a healthy way to maintain good health and helps increase concentration at work.

At first this could sound a bit lame, that how can you expect somebody to walk while one is tied at a desk job! But better it is to walk around the lobby area if you are at a phone call. Also, walk to the cafeteria to fetch your cup of coffee. It stimulates your senses and keeps you going.

Twist the Wrist
Yes, it is as easy as it sounds.  First clockwise and then anti-clockwise, twist your wrists for 10 seconds each and repeat 3-4 times this would help relaxing your fingers and forearms.  Using your hands tirelessly at laptops should come easier to you when you practice this healthy tip at your desk.

Making these artless and trifling activities at the workplace can really become immense stress-busters and benefit you advance fortitude. This is the time to break a monotonous prolonged sitting routine and get groovy at work!

Your New Business Address At BKC Mumbai For Professionals

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“Architecture is the thoughtful making of space.” -Louis Kahn

This ought to be the most appropriate quote for us, as we are glad to announce the launch of another business centre at BKC Mumbai (Bandra Kurla Complex). Coworking spaces have been on the rise in the present hour and after having successfully positioned ourselves in Powai area of Mumbai;  now Vatika is geared up to open into one of the renowned commercialised hub across India in Mumbai. The building in the tinsel town is one of the most pursued places to work. The very air of BKC will let you breathe professionalism and a great work culture is what you get to experience. Once you land in this area you see how and why the city never sleeps and strives to make a mark every time it designates a site to work at.
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Business Support Services Making Businesses Thrive

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Are you pondering too much through these days? Are you on tenterhooks that which one fine day you could start a business? “How would I be able to bring all the things together and still be cost-effective? When and where to go hunt for some good manpower?” What if all these queries are forming a mesh in your mind? The solution is this with, Vatika Business Centre and it has all the premium business services to render you at the most affordable prices with uncompromising quality.

Vatika Business Centres can flinch helping you from the scratch. To comprehend it better, understanding what Amit did while starting his business can be a good example for you. Since he was operating single-handedly he decided to approach Vatika Business Centre and efficaciously explored our value added services.

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