Modern Age Business Centre by Vatika at DivyaSree Chambers, Bangalore

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Considering the present economic scenario, getting a business suite in Bangalore is not a trouble-free task. In the recent years Bangalore has made considerable progress in respect with office spaces. The city has turned out as a business hub for various renowned enterprises. The rapidly growing commercial sector of Bangalore has given way to various business prime locations like,  DivyaSree Chambers. DivyaSree Chambers is located in the Central Business District of Bangalore and thus, is one such location that stands as the foremost choice of entrepreneurs.

Business Centre Bangalore
DivyaSree Chambers Bangalore – Vatika Business Centre

At the Vatika Business Centre, we understand the market trends and the needs of the entrepreneurs and thus, we have established our serviced office at the prime location of Bangalore, i.e., DivyaSree Chambers. Being located in DivyaSree Chambers, Vatika offers ease of connectivity. The proximity to the Airport adds another feather in the hat.

It’s not just the connectivity factor that attracts entrepreneurs to avail Vatika’s services; rather, the infrastructure of the serviced offices leaves an everlasting mark. When you avail Vatika’s ready to use offices, then you actually avail a serviced office with 304 workstations. These workstations include both linear and L shaped workstations.

Further, for implementing training program or for conducting meetings or seminars, there are different meeting rooms. These meeting rooms are highly spacious and thus, are open to custom seating system. In addition to this, clients are facilitated with reception area, waiting lounge and server room. There is a finely designed cafeteria that can easily accommodate the break time of your employees.

There are a few other business support facilities that Vatika is happy to render. To name a few are documentation, staffing solutions, travel desk and secretarial support. At Vatika Business Centre, we believe in flexibility and thus, we are always open to customize our solutions as per the requirements of the client. Our agreement’s terms and conditions are flexible enough to work for both the center and the client. Further, we always make sure to render the most economic solutions to our clients and thus, so far we have been able to establish a happily satisfied client base.

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Business Centre-Offering Flexible and Cost-Effective Business Solution

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Whether you are a major business set-up looking to open up a new office or a start-up wanting an office space for a bunch of people, business centres provide flexible and cost effective option for businesses of all sizes.

Vatika Business Centre, offers prime business centre located across major cities of India including Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Gurgaon. VBC has been providing virtual office spaces, serviced office space, meeting and conference rooms in top quality office buildings in India for quite some time now. Our clients range from major international corporate businesses to large numbers of SMEs and sole-traders.

Business Centre
The state of the art Business Centre – Well equipped with all facilities

When you hire an office space from a business centre, you get the flexibility of paying only for what you take in terms of quality and package features. In other words,a business centre can offer solutions for every budget, which is why this sort of set-up is getting increasingly popular.

Vatika’s business centres offer unbranded, flexible office spaces equipped with most advanced IT infrastructure, tailored to suit the needs of the occupier. We offer both short and long-term solutions for business professionals looking for affordable alternatives to business office space.

Business centres are ideal for corporations wanting to branch out in a new markets or for start-up companies or indeed, anybody who does not want to risk pledging to a long term lease and related costs.

Whatever your circumstances, wherever you’re based, VBC offers the products and services to help your business succeed.In fact, we strive to offer a professional business environment without the costs and overheads of a full-time office.

Business Centres offers flexible and practical solutions tailored to meet your individual business needs. In fact, they have become a mainstream choice for both big and small organizations. VBC provides hassle-free access to fully equipped and furnished office space and that too with the flexibility to upsize or downsize their space requirements as per their individual business needs.

Vatika Business centre offers business solutions that are designed to help your company build a professional presence with state-of-the-art office facilities. Log on to for more.

Business Centre-Offering Affordable Business Solutions at Highly Competitive Prices

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As a small or start-up business entrepreneur, you would certainly want to expand your business. In your effort of doing so, you would require coping up with the rising demands of your business. From employing more people to expanding your products or services range or renting a bigger space for running your business activities, there are many things that need to be handled so that you can make it smoothly through such trying times. This is where a business centre comes to picture.

Business Centre with Business Support Facilities
Business Centre with All Business Facilities

We at Vatika Business Centre are one of the leading and most prominent business centres in India. We offer virtual and serviced office spaces for lease as well as rent besides various other facilities like I/T support, reduced operating cost, trained receptionists and more. At VBC, we provide complete support and coordination through a plethora of services that suit different business requirements.

When looking for business space, location is essential. You need to ensure that your customers can locate it easily. It is therefore necessary to do ample amount of research before settling down for a particular place. VBC with its presence in some of the major cities of India offers office spaces at some of the most prominent business locations with easy and accessible connectivity to all parts of the city.

Besides prominent location, yet another thing that needs to be given importance is whether or not the office spaces are capacious enough to accommodate the staff and the office equipment’s. VBC offers office spaces as per your requirement i.e. ranging from one seater executive suite to a twenty seater office space.

For a business to function efficiently, technological support facilities like Wi-Fi, video calling, UPS and temperature control facilities should be available. A professional business service centre operator provides all the aforesaid facilities. VBC offers state-of-the art facilities as per your requirement.

Last but not least, only those business centres offering meeting and training room facilities should be opted for. VBC offers efficient and cost effective solution to conduct your training and meeting sessions as per your requirements.

Vatika Business Centre’s fully furnished virtual and plug-and-play office solutions are accessible 24/7 and can be tailored to meet your requirements. Their business solutions are very flexible as charges are based upon duration of usage and that too without any long-term commitments.

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