Conduct Your Corporate Events in an Efficient and Cost-effective Way with Meeting Room Spaces

As an entrepreneur, no one could underestimate the significance of business meetings and conferences. While a lot of contemplation and thought process goes in to the content and objective of the meeting, it is equally important to pay attention to the venue or meeting room space where the event is supposed to be organized.

We at Vatika Business Centre offer meeting room facilities to suit your requirements. So, whether you wish to conduct a client meeting, an interview or a training session, we offer meeting room spaces that besides being efficient are also very cost-effective. Meeting rooms offered by VBC are available in different layouts and design and are readily furnished with premium fit-outs and ergonomically designed furniture’s.

Metting/Conference Rooms on Rent

While a well-designed room is necessary to make meetings more effective, it is equally important to have all the necessary facilities in place. A meeting room venue equipped with all the modern amenities can ensure better outcome. Hiring a fully furnished, discreet, superbly equipped meeting room thus becomes inevitable.

Meeting rooms offered by VBC are equipped with state-of-the art facilities making these venues perfectly suitable for holding important corporate events. Meeting room facilities offered by VBC include broadband Internet access, telephone connectivity, projectors, screens and TVs, audio & Video Conferencing facilities, trained secretarial services and documentation facilities.

Keeping all the aspects in place, yet another thing that requires your due consideration is the location of the venue. Like all the aforesaid aspects, it is equally important to hire a meeting room space that is located in a place that could be easily accessible by the guests and attendees.

Vatika offers meeting room spaces in some of the most prominent locations of major cities of India including Gurgaon, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, and Bangalore with plans to begin operations in electronic city Noida and Chennai.

Hiring external meeting room spaces has become a perfect alternative for businesses these days. Besides the high-end facilities, it is the cost-effectiveness and the flexibility involved in booking meeting room spaces that has made this option a preferred choice.

VBC provides its clients the flexibility to book meeting room spaces for an hour, day or a month as per their requirement. VBC provides efficient and cost effective solution to conduct your corporate events by providing clients the option to pay as per use.

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