Busting Top 4 Myths of Co-working Spaces

Busting Top 4 Myths of Co-working Spaces

It is true that not every company would have the budget in place to setup an office space. Companies cannot always start building an office space from the scratch & invest money, time into it. For such companies,co-working spaces make sense. However, there are various misconceptions attached to them. The most prominent one is the notion that they are only good for startups or freelancers. But, that’s not true. If you are looking for an office space in Gurgaon, here’s something you should definitely not miss.

Myth #1: Co-working Spaces are only for Startups

There is no such rule in the book. It is just that startups have been the early adopters of co-working concept. If you own a mid-sized or large company, you can easily accommodate your extended teams in co-working spaces & ace those special projects. Worried about their tenure? Not a problem! Vatika Business Centers in Gurgaon offer flexibility to rent office spaces for months, days, and even hours.

Myth #2: Co-working Spaces are Full of Distractions

When creative minds come together, ideas start flowing in the air. And they are most likely expressed through conversations. Can you call it distraction? Well, not as long as you are working around people who were inhabitants of a local market in the past. Luckily, that doesn’t happen in corporate.

Myth #3: Co-working Spaces Lack the Necessary Infrastructure

This is quite far from reality. Co-working spaces are beautifully designed & loaded with infrastructure. Companies will not have to invest time setting it up. The basics like chairs, work desks, electricity, and more come as a complete package. In addition, you get facilities like a reception desk, printers, Wi-Fi, cafeteria along with an admin team ready to serve. So, just move in to our office space in Gurgaon & start working.

Myth #4: Co-working Spaces are only for Creative Agencies

Truth be told, co-working culture benefits companies from a wide range of industries. They can make business thrive across industries like IT, Sales, PR, Research, and more. And it is likely to find them on prime locations where most businesses converge, making up for a premium business address.

It feels good to know the truth. Doesn’t it? When time is money, co-working spaces do help you save a lot and get started without any hassle. We have six business centers in Gurgaon. Feel free to choose and get in touch with us to book an office space today!