4 Reasons Your Office Space Needs Relocation

reasons your office space needs relocation

Relocating a business is a tough decision to make. There are a number of questions that come in its way – will relocation help achieving your goals or improve your brand image? Are your employees ready to shift? Will it be beneficial in the long-run? However, post a certain point of time, it is essential to analyze the pros and cons of staying at an office space where you begun. There are possibilities that it is relatively less conducive for your business growth or there are better office spaces where it can flourish. So, what determines that you need to relocate? Let’s discuss the top four reasons in detail.

1. Business Privacy

Your employees follow a culture that does not necessarily contribute to their performance at work. You follow a shared office culture where your business privacy is also compromised. The shallow walls that separate businesses in your shared workspace can neither protect your business information nor your employees from getting poached. The engagement activities and collaboration opportunities you chose your workspace for, now seem too overwhelming. Thus, it is better to get your business relocated to a new serviced office that supports a productive culture, doesn’t compromise on business privacy and provides some meaningful engagement activities.

2. Strong Business Support

For smooth functioning of a business, it needs to be backed by a strong support system, creating enough room for you to focus on your core business operations and let rest of the functions – taxation, legal compliances, HR, IT, and more get handled without any hassle. If your current workspace operator doesn’t have it all backed up, it’s time you relocated to a business centre that provides a strong business support setup, taking precise care of service excellence.

3. Cutting-edge Technology

It’s been long since your office space operator has introduced upgrades to its tech infrastructure. You conduct meetings and have discussions over the same traditional flipcharts, book services manually, go and tell concierge that you need assistance, and to say the least haven’t yet exposed to digital tools like a mobile app and digital access cards for door locks. On the contrary, modern office spaces (where you need to relocate your business) have got digital flipcharts and automation in meeting rooms, voice command based actions for concierge services, and mobile app for added convenience.

4. Geographic Location

Believe it or not, growth is closely tied to the geographic location of your workplace. Consider office spaces located at prime commercial hubs like Connaught Place (New Delhi) or Bandra Kurla Complex (Mumbai) for example. These places have good connectivity with other parts of the city and are therefore a natural attraction for employees, visitors, and most importantly clients. And when your business is positioned among top-guns and innovative beginners in the market, your brand image is likely to improve and you get to work in an environment that’s more conducive for business.

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