Why Serviced Offices are Better than Setting Up your Own Office Space?

Why Serviced Offices are Better than Setting Up your Own

What would you choose – investing huge capital in building your own office space or going for a serviced office that saves you cost and a lot more? Well, it all boils down to your decision. But, we recommend delaying it for the next 5 minutes and know what serviced offices bring to the table.

Let’s start with the basics

Serviced offices are fully equipped right from interiors, power supply, floor, desk space, chairs, and everything else. That means just step in and start working. Can’t believe it? Take a virtual tour of our office space in Delhi.


Flexibility rests at the core of every Vatika Business Center. There is no need to go for long-term commitments. Rent an office space for months, days, or even hours to get a hang of it. And then decide what works best for your business requirements.


Putting it in black and white upfront, maintenance is our business. We ensure to maintain an exceptional standard at our office spaces and keep them fit for work always.

Prime location

What can be better than having a fantastic office space at a prime location? If you are looking for an office space in Delhi; Vatika Business Center at Thapar House, Connaught Place is the place where you need to be. Located at a bustling business hub, it is the place where an entrepreneur would like to settle things down. And guess what, it is scheduled to launch in September this year. Give us a call at 1800-3000-3773 and book your office space today!


Our business centers are supported by an expert team that can help you with everything – from basic administration tasks, concierge services, IT support to human resource support. All this is a part of our thoughtful decision & strategy to not only go beyond four walls as providers of office spaces but also help businesses stay focused on their core operations.

Our take

With office spaces that are beautifully styled, readily furnished, full of modern amenities and flexible to upsize or downsize as per business requirements; a serviced officeis the right choice for any business owner who is going to start afresh or is planning to expand. And it saves you from going through the hassle of looking for an office space, get everything settled there while makingthe deal massively cost-effective.