Top 5 Questions to Ask Your Designer Before Getting an Interview Room Designed

If you are a businessman settled in Pune, and own an office space or have taken an office space on rent to establish your business, make sure you look out for the facility of an interview room facility at the office space.

The availability of an interview room is very important in an office space. The instant offices in Pune are well designed and have the facility of an ideal interview room. The interview rooms in Pune are designed by experienced interior designers and posses the quality of an ideal interview room. It is important for an interview room to be small (10 feet x 10 feet approximately). The room should not be stuffed with too many tables and chairs â one table and two or three chairs are enough for an interview room. Also, it should be noted that the room should not have any distractions like pictures, phone or a window.

If you are willing to get an interview room designed for your office, here are the top 5 questions you should ask your interior designer before getting the room designed:
Interview roo from Vatika Business Centre

  •   Experience: Make sure that the designer you select has a relevant hands on experience. Only having his/her website does not mean that the designer is an experienced one. Ask for the references and portfolio and look out for the previous work done by him/her. Also assess whether the designer will be able to fulfill your requirements or not.
  •   Understanding of Concept: Share your concept with the designer and see if he/she can understand the concept and design demanded by you. If you have any special requirements, make sure that the designer is capable enough of working according to the instructions given by you and the output is exactly what you desired.
  •   Check the Qualification: Just knowing that the designer has a degree in interior designing is not enough. It is an easy task to get an online degree nowadays, so make sure you question what degree he/she holds and from where did they obtain the degree.
  •   Know the Style: When you look at the portfolio of an interior designer, you can find a certain design style in they work. Make sure that that style suits your requirements. There are certain designers who have a dedicated design style. For example it is not necessary that a designer who is good at designing the interiors of a home can also design the interiors of an interview room efficiently. Since they have a grasp of one design style, he/she might not be suitable for your project.
  •   Fee: Last but not the least, know how much the designer will charge you and at the same time also ask for their billing method. The designer can charge you a flat fee or on an hourly basis, thus before making a deal, it is important to ask for the complete payment details. Apart from this, also ask for any hidden fee like traveling expenses etc.

Source:  A Designed Interview Room at Vatika Business Centre

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