Virtual Office Space-Ideal solution for Start-up Businesses

As a start-up entrepreneur, matching your presence to your ambition can actually be challenging. Out of all the expenses involved in setting-up a business, renting or leasing an office space consumes major portion of your investment. A virtual office gives you the stature of being based at a prestigious address while allowing you to run your business operation from somewhere else.

Virtual Office Spaces
Virtual Office Space – Every Entrepreneur’s Choice

So, whether you are a start-up or is exploring into new markets, you would require office space for running your business operations. Vatika Business Centre provides you access to numerous business centres located in some of the major cities of India, so that you can work where and when it suits you at most cost-effective prices.

As a budding entrepreneur, you would certainly wish to have access to different clients. A right business address will help project the well-established image to your clients who in turn would show interest in business and provide ample business opportunities.

We at Vatika Business Centre can provide you access to most prestigious business addresses, and more, and that too without breaking the bank. Besides impressive business address and phone number, we also provide office spaces for holding client meeting and conferences as per your requirement i.e. from few days to a week. Our representatives will answer calls for you in your company name and also forward your calls as per your instructions, so that you never miss a business opportunity.

As a start-up, you do not have the budget to hire manpower to handle your mundane administrative tasks. However, doing it all on your own can consume your precious time leaving you with no time for focussing on core business activities. It is therefore essential to turn over these tasks to someone else so that efficiency could be streamlined and productivity enhanced.

At VBC, our trained professional’s i.e. a virtual office assistant can do all sorts routine administrative tasks like data entry, copying, printing, and faxing. He or she can also handle your scheduling, reservations, and order fulfilment. You can avail access to Mailbox services, which include usage of their mailing address for official purpose on your visiting cards and letter heads, receiving of e-mail/messages/ courier and forwarding them to you as per your instructions.

So, if you are looking for virtual office for your newly launched business then VBC is the perfect place to be.

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