6 Factors to Consider Before Choosing a Serviced Office

6 Factors to Consider Before Choosing a Serviced Office

Choosing the right serviced office is an important determinant for your business growth. It is incredibly significant to ponder a few factors beforehand as office spaces have the brand image glued to them. From day to day operations, employee engagement & productivity, a flourishing work culture, client attraction and more, a serviced office must foster your business functions so that you make optimum utilization of your budget. There are a number of factors that must be considered before choosing a serviced office; however, following is a checklist of six vital factors for the same:

  1. A Landmark Location

Is my office located in a bustling commercial hub? Can my clients get there without any hassle? Are my employees comfortable reaching there every day? Before choosing a serviced office, it is important to consider its location. No matter how beautifully an office space is designed, it will not add prominence to your business presence if it is positioned aloof at a place which is hard to reach.

  1. Strong Business Support Services

The core idea of choosing a serviced office over a traditional workspace is to stay focused on business and leave rest of the arrangements to the office space provider. This is exactly where a strong business support setup comes into play. Simply put, you need to choose a serviced office provider that endows a strong set of services that support your business. For instance, in-house IT support which enables no downtime, HR support to solve your recruitment woes, legal compliances support to simplify complex matters for you, concierge services to solve your daily to-dos, taxation services for solving your tax queries and more so that you remain focused on your core business operations.

  1. Fit-outs & Flexibility

An ideal serviced office should come along with ergonomic designs and premium fit-outs. Such aspects play with the details that are significant to keep employees & visitors excited about the aesthetic value of the office space. In sync with it, these spaces should be flexible enough for up & downsizing so that growth projections in team size & plans to constrict the squad can be aptly taken care of.

  1. A Productive Culture

Today’s workplaces are dominated by the notion of being modern and in the name of it are following cult engagement activities that go too far from the acceptable idea of recreation. Employee productivity thrives in a serviced office that brings up a productive culture – a culture that supports work ethics, is inspiring and collaborative while creating enough room for exchanging healthy ideas.

  1. Cutting-edge Technology Assistance

It’s a fast-paced digital world, which calls for things to get done in a jiffy. Your office space must be equipped with latest technology and new-age devices for quick and seamless functioning of your business operations. Thus, you need to look for a serviced office with a visitor management system, app-based locks & service bookings, digital flipcharts in meeting rooms, voice-based command options and more so that you enjoy a convenient & efficient business journey.

  1. Size & Amenities

As a baseline rule, the size of your office space should depend on your team size. However, if your work requires more space per seat, bigger desks or bigger storage options, can the office space you are choosing adjust the deviations you need? And then you also need meeting rooms, a space to have refreshments and breakout areas. An ideal serviced office should have answers for all such questions & amenities to serve all those purposes.

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