Factors To Be Considered While Building a Conference Room

No matter the corporation is a small or a large one, the availability of well-structured conference rooms is essential. Just a set of 10 to 15 chairs and a long table will not solve the purpose of a suitable meeting room. This may lead to some unhappy guests or bad image of the company. Meeting & training rooms should be a place in peace where attendees can think and flourish new ideas. These rooms should be well equipped with all the required business amenities that can help in smooth routine functioning of the organization.

Meeting and Conference RoomFirst of all, decide upon the layout of the room for conferences, meetings or trainings. Broadly, there are 5 types of rooms, which include Theatre, U-Shape, Classroom, Boardroom and Cabaret. In the Theatre style, the audience faces towards the stage where the presentation is given. U-Shaped style has tables arranged in form a U with a straight base. Classroom style has participants facing towards presenters similar to a class with a teacher. The boardroom has a rectangular table with people sitting around, whereas in Cabaret style, attendees sit in semicircles around the tables, facing towards the stage.

Below are some of the other factors that should be considered while planning a conference centre.
Adequate Logistic: Comfortable logistics is a must for any conference room as a meeting can last either for an hour or for the entire day. It is very important for the room to contain ergonomically designed chairs with comfortable arms that can tilt, spin and allow height adjustment. For casual meetings, the room can have some bean bags.

Similarly, tables must have hard writing surface with no sharp edges and adequate seating space for each participant.

Comfort: The second most essential factor, for meeting & training rooms, is lighting. The room should have controllable lighting level with a combined model of incandescent and fluorescent lightning, which can enable easy reading without any shadow on the document.

Other Requirements: The wall surfaces of the room should be suitable for hanging charts and projectors. To save time, keep a telephone with conference call and speaker enabled in the room. Also, wireless and high connectivity of internet access is must. In case you are dealing with people of other cities or country, make sure the video conference equipment is available.

Building a conference room is not so difficult task with these easy points in mind. With the proper conference room, you can conduct a hassle free training and meeting sessions.

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