Lower Your Overheads with Vatika Business Centre

Vatika Business Centre is a leading serviced office space provider, with a total of 13 business centres across 9 major cities in India. Vatika differentiates itself from its competition by taking a more â common sense â approach to additional services and facilities made available to its clients. With several value added services to choose from and our transparent payment plans, better equip our customers to make an intelligent choice, while accurately estimating the budget for their office expenses. And, most importantly, there will be no surprises at the end of the month, as all incidental costs can also be taken into account well in advance.

Business Centre in Gurgaon

Hire Local Talent

There are possible savings in hiring employees for a virtual office. Companies may offer salaries based on the prevailing cost of living in a specific locality where the virtual office employee will be working. By hiring skilled people from sub-urban or even in rural areas, a company can lower salary expenses, reduce business operating costs, and maximize profits. Of course, it goes without saying that it’s okay to be practical with cost reduction efforts but it’s inadvisable to be stingy when it comes to paying web-based employees.

Lower Office Operating Costs

Business operation cost reduction is one of the main benefits of having a virtual office as it removes the need for monthly office rentals, costly utility expenses, office maintenance expenses, and other overhead costs. However, this cost reduction is not something that is automatically achieved. Effective management is also necessary. Before shifting to a virtual office setup, it is important to study the procedures and be acquainted with the best practices.

These points should be helpful for businesses to come up with a good decision in finding the right virtual office service or package to use. Likewise, these should offer useful insights or warnings on the possible pitfalls of switching to a virtual office system without the necessary preparations.

Vatika Business Centre

Vatika Business Centre offers several Service Package to clients that caters to a wide range of needs ranging from postal services, copy services, meeting & training room facilities, complimentary high speed wireless internet access in common areas, business and IT support, virtual office package and much more.

Our business centre offers freedom and flexibility to conduct business, with all inclusive costs and immediacy that proffers unbeatable value proposition to clients looking for office space in major cities in India. Our USP being prime location, no capital investments and able to start work from day one, Vatika Business Centre provides all back end services and maintenance, which help in reducing manpower costs and save executive time.

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