6 Reasons Why Corporates Must Plunge into Serviced Offices

flexible offices

Flexible office spaces are more than just a fad. There is a special string of benefits tied to them, enterprises must recognize in time. They need to ditch the belief that a rented office space will mar their brand reputation. Instead, they must acknowledge the fact that no matter the size of a business, serviced offices can save them a lot of money and effort. Leasing a workspace & getting it settled takes a huge capital investment and time. However, a serviced office at Vatika Business Centre (VBC) brings all of it together without any hassle at comparatively lower costs.

Likewise, here are a few more factors that explain how VBC can make it beneficial for large companies to establish their teams at serviced offices:

1. Millennials Stay Happy in Serviced Offices

A large chunk of today’s workplaces in this age are dominated by millennials, who aren’t satisfied only with their 9 to 5 stint on the desk. They need a contemporary & flexible workspace that allows them to spread their thoughts around, be expansive, and network with people from diverse professions. Serviced offices at Vatika Business Centres bring all such bright colours on their palette that helps them paint their canvas at work beautifully.

2. Your Business is Private and Employees are Social

Serviced offices are a fine combination of practicality, socializing, and fun at work. These office spaces make up for a great workplace for hustlers, where they can pull off reams of tasks and then interact with others in common breakout areas. At VBC, we enable businesses keep their privacy intact, yet stay social & explore a world of new possibilities.

3. The Enthusiasm in a Flexible Office Space

There is a wave of enthusiasm that keeps businesses afloat in flexible offices. Their environment is home to brainstorming sessions, ground-breaking ideas, and creativity. So, if you are planning to start a new project, get your new squad settled at a serviced office. VBC is present in all major cities like Delhi, Noida, Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, and more having 20 business centers and expanding.

4. Foster your Team’s Productivity

Today’s young & dynamic entrepreneurs have a special spark. The energy with which they work is contagious, which once captured by your employees will give them a new perspective to work and drive improved results.

5. Networking is a Breeze!

Needless to say, establishing new networks and sustaining them for long becomes easy in VBC’s flexible spaces. It is just a matter of attending an event and that’s enough to converge with like-minded professionals, get acquainted with who’s who in the market, and explore new business partnerships.

6. VBC’s Social Connect

Why even wait for events when the VBC powered app gives its clients an in-house networking platform? People can connect with teams of other companies, interact with them, share their experiences, and exchange new ideas for growth.


Modern workforce requires more than a desk to perform at the prime of their potential. The effect of working amongst like-minded professionals from different industries is immensely powerful. At VBC, we let your business get the best of flexible offices and help you get established seamlessly with a strong business support system. This includes services such as Registration & Legal Compliance, Taxation Services, IT Support, Concierge Services, and HR Support. So, to have the best of this new world, get in touch with us.