Practical Tips on Choosing the Right Serviced Office Space in Bangalore

Right Serviced Office Space in Bangalore

Bangalore is favorite among the world’s biggest corporate giants and holds the fourth largest technology cluster in the world*. The city has emerged as the ‘Silicon Valley’ of Asia. Bangalore has witnessed the highest number of successful businesses of the nation in the recent past, being the vanguard of India’s innovation. Primarily, this is why you, as a business, must have a physical presence in Bangalore. However, like every other city, choosing a premium serviced office space in Bangalore is potentially daunting. Ignoring certain important factors may lead to issues later which might affect your business productivity in the long run. Here are a few practical tips to ensure beneficial decision-making while selecting the apt serviced office space in Bangalore:

1. CAPEX and OPEX Factors: It is always advisable to opt for office space in Bangalore with nominal upfront or continual spendings, no matter whether you are an MNC or an Indian organization. Needless to say that a fully furnished serviced office space is much more cost-effective with limited upfront cost instead of commercial space. Besides, when you shift into a serviced office space you don’t have to go through a transition or fit-out hassles and technical downtime. A premium serviced office in a renowned business center is usually a plug and play office set up.

2. Accessibility and Connectivity: Always ensure that your office space in Bangalore is in close proximity to highways and Bangalore Metro. As an instance, if you choose an office space in central region which is at MG Road you are sure to be accessible from multiple premium regions in the city such as – Brigade Road, MG Road and popular hotel Ritz Carlton. Close proximity to these places is sure to add value to your clientele and employees, besides providing ease of transportation.

3. Business Support Services: If you want an office space in Bangalore with up-and-running business support services such as – IT, HR, Marketing support, legal and compliance service or concierge and live-cooking cafeteria always at your disposal, nothing can cater to you better than a premium serviced office space at a preferred business centre. Strong business support services from day one equip you and your employees with a hassle-free environment and comfort without the need for running errands for everyday operations. As an employer, you do not require involving and spending in hiring the skilled and professionals support staff.

4. Safe and Secure Premise: It is pertinent to that you make sure that the landmark building is contemporary and completely safe and secured with optimum security staff always on-premises. As a supreme quality structure is known to be sturdy enough to withhold optimum safety in case of an earthquake. Besides, other safety measures on the premises are a must such as – fire exits and emergency extinguishers, etc. Also, the presence of CCTV surveillance around the building is mandatory for complete assurance.

5. Natural Light and Pure Air: In addition to premium fit-outs and finest interiors, it is always an added boon to consider choosing an office space in Bangalore with enough sources of natural light and greenery inside the premises such as – at reception area, in walkthroughs and executive lounges. Needless to say that the advantages of natural light and pure air free from air pollutants, formaldehyde and other synthetic substance lift your mood and boost your productivity. Consequentially, results in overall well-being of employees and clients who visits you often.

6. Buildings and Infrastructure: It is important that you choose an office space at an A-grade building space with a beautiful glass-clad exterior. In addition to providing a lasting impact on your valuable clients, it enhances the value of your brand name. In addition to it, the office must be at a landmark building premise to make sure that there is ample parking area available for employees and visitors.

Before you sign that agreement for a serviced office space in Bangalore at a prominent corporate hub ensure that you have scanned all the above-mentioned tips. Make a
decision that is lucrative!

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