Ensure Better Business Performance by Experiencing Joy at Work

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Can happiness really make one successful? Researches prove that for many small business owners, happiness or experiencing joy at work is more essential than material success and is the key to accomplishment or contentment at work.

As a matter of fact, people get easily bogged down by the monotonous day-to-day activities that they forget to cherish the best moments, those moments that provide the motivation necessary for unrelenting contribution.

Happiness at Work
Fell Happiness While Working – A Mantra for Success

Vatika Business Centre is ISO 9001:2008 certified company and offers serviced and virtual office spaces to clients all across the country. When we talk about experiencing Joy of Working then we talk about joyful events and circumstances in the workplaces that can bring you joy.

At Vatika Business Centre, we understand the significance of achieving joy in the workplace and the impact that it has on the productivity and success of the business. Towards our efforts to bring Joy at Work, Vatika Business Centre has now entered into an alliance with Bird automotive and Kingdom of dreams

With its latest alliance with Bird Automotive – premier dealers in BMW luxury cars, VBC clientele will be entitled to be a part of various BMW events, programs, promotions and launches thus allowing them to have fun while managing work too. Vatika Business Centre’s alliance with Kingdom of Dreams- India’s first live entertainment, theatre and leisure destination at Gurgaon besides allowing members of both groups to share some common benefits have offered them the opportunity to have fun and entertainment by allowing their esteemed clientele to book show tickets available at all their centres pan India and avail special offers.

So, if you are a budding entrepreneur looking for business solutions then VBC can provide you with everything that you are looking for and that too while raising your enthusiasm by providing joy at work.

The motivation to deliver better performance lies in experiencing joy at work, which can be provided by organizing various events and occasions.

Make the Perfect First Impression on Your Clients by Hiring Commercial Office Spaces

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One of the vital aspects of any business is the first impression that it has on its clients. While a great first impression can allow businesses to strike a great deal, a bad first impression can easily result in loss of sale or business. Your commercial office space plays a significant role in providing that everlasting first impression on your esteemed clients.

We at Vatika Business Centre are ISO 9001:2008 certified by TUV SUD South Asia Pvt Ltd offers professional office spaces to businesses of different sizes and domains. Commercial office spaces offered by us are fully furnished with superior fit-outs, ergonomically designed furniture together with an in-house IT support team.

Rent Commercial Office Spaces
Impress Your Clients by Furnished Commercial Office Spaces.

While looking for Commercial Office Spaces on Rent, location should be given due consideration. You should rent an office space that is well connected so that clients and talented pool of employees can reach you.

Commercial office spaces offered by Vatika Business Centre are located at some of the prime business locations in some of the major cities of India, and thus portray a more professional image to potential customers and business partners.

Yet another thing that needs consideration before renting a commercial space is the size. It is not worthy to hire an office space just because the looks are attractive and amazing. Your decision to hire a commercial office space should depend on your future expansion plans

VBC offers its clients commercial office spaces of all sizes and configurations i.e. from a single seater executive suite to a serviced office accommodation of 500 seats and much more, depending on the requirement of client.

These days many business centres offer commercial office spaces for hire. Though, hiring a commercial office space can be a little expensive for small business entrepreneurs. It’s not impossible for smaller businesses to rent commercial office space as they can find the best and reasonably priced commercial office spaces with some research.

At Vatika Business Centre, we are committed to providing our clients with commercial office spaces that besides having state of the art systems in place could be availed at most competitive prices. In fact, office spaces offered by us are designed for small or start-up entrepreneurs who require office space, but cannot afford to rent it on their own.

For a business to flourish, commercial office spaces play a significant role. It offers prospective clients the much required first good impression.

Hire Fully Equipped Conference Room Venues to Enhance Your Business Image

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The success of any conference depends greatly upon the selection of venue and the kind of facilities offered by it. In fact, it is the arrangements of the conference that make it effective. So, if you are thinking of holding a conference or a corporate event, then it is essential for you to choose a conference venue that fulfils your requirement. Continue reading “Hire Fully Equipped Conference Room Venues to Enhance Your Business Image”

Fulfil Your Company’s Training and Conference Needs by Choosing an Appropriate Business Centre

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Meetings, conferences and trainings are important aspect of any corporate venture. While meetings and conferences are held to discuss business objectives and plans, trainings are organized to update the knowledge of existing as well as new employees so that business productivity is enhanced. It is therefore essential to determine the right kind of room set-up for holding meetings and training sessions that besides helping in building relations help in promoting free flow of communication.

We at Vatika Business Centre, offer training and meeting room spaces within our business facility. Meeting and conference rooms offered by us, besides being equipped with all modern amenities provide a professional atmosphere along with professional and sophisticated services.

Training and Conference Rooms.
Engage Your Clients with Fully Equipped Training and Conference Rooms.

The kind of room set-up required for holding an event would largely depend upon the kind of meeting you are holding. From an internal middle manager’s meeting, where the number of people doesn’t exceed more than 40, to large conferences where there could be hundreds of attendees, requirement may vary from organization to organization.

Vatika Business Centre correctly analyses the requirements of their clients and then provides rooms that best fits their requirement and can be customized to the specifications provided by the clients.

Before finalizing on a training or meeting room set-up, the customer should check whether the business centre has the required infrastructure to hold different type of meetings and trainings sessions that are conducted for the employees of the organization.

Vatika Business Centre offers state-of-the- art facilities like broadband internet access, telephone connectivity, audio and video conferencing facilities, documentation facilities, and trained secretarial services;besides high class IT support services.

Parking is another concern that too should be given due consideration. You would therefore require a venue that offers plenty of free or validated parking so that attendees do not have to worry about their cars being towed or stolen away.

Besides providing their clients with best infrastructural facilities, VBC ensures that clients driving into the venues have access to ample amount of parking space.

There are business centres that offer good discounts for clients opting for yearly package.This would save them a lots of cost, as there will be meetings, conferences and training occurring all through the year.

Whether you want to conduct an interview, training session, client meeting or give a presentation to your team, Vatika Business Centre provides efficient and cost effective solution to conduct your meetings.

Hire Conference Room Facilities to Portray Professional Image of Your Company

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Meeting and conference rooms are the face of any business set-up. It is therefore necessary to make them presentable and tidy. However, many times due to financial constraints businesses avoid maintaining their own facility and hire out conference facilities from companies offering this service.

We at Vatika Business Centre strive to offer the very best in serviced offices, meeting rooms and virtual office solutions to our clients. Business solution offered by us interprets to the most admired locations, besides most dynamic working environments and state of the art technology and business support services.

Conference Room Facilities
Well Maintained Conference Room at Vatika Business Centre

A perfect conference room facility is fully equipped and has everything that is required to hold a successful conference. These facilities include broadband Internet access, telephone connectivity, TV, Projectors, Audio & Video Conferencing facilities besides all sorts of office and IT support services.

Vatika Business Centre offers resourceful and economical solution to conduct your meetings and conferences. Whether you wish to conduct an interview, training session, client meeting or give a presentation to your team, Vatika Business Centre provides meeting and conference room facilities customized to suit your needs.

Today, every business is looking to save on needless expenditures wherever possible. By hiring out conference facilities, companies cannot just save the cost and hassle of maintaining their own facilities but also impress prospective clients for getting better business opportunities.

VBC offers excellent conference room facilities that could be hired out by businesses looking out for such services. Now, businesses can save on all the overheads of keeping a conference room of their own, while availing all outstanding facilities and that too without spending much or more than necessary.

When it comes to conference room rental, the size and capacity of the venue holds great significance. There should be enough space to fit in all the attendees so that everyone could be seated comfortably. Besides ample seating capacity, there should be sufficient parking space for attendees who are likely to reach the venue by car.

Vatika Business Centre offers conference rooms of different sizes so that client can choose one as per their need. So, whether you’re looking to expand, relocate or be a part of a fast growing business exchange, we could be of help. We offer flexible, cost-effective and high-quality services.

Commercial Office Spaces-Offering Encouraging Work Culture

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Any premises which could be used to run a business with a portion set aside for administration purposes could be referred to as commercial office space. With businesses constantly evolving, the function of these office spaces seemed to have changed too. Now, employees look for offices that besides looking and feeling great should have encouraging work culture and high-performance office interior.

We at Vatika Business Centre offer commercial office spaces to suit all budgets, sizes and situations. Corporate spaces offered by us are fully equipped and designed to give you the much required edge over your counterparts. Besides offering cost-effective solutions, Vatika Business Centre offers many facilities like business support services, reception services, security services, power arrangement, internet connections and more.

Fully Furnished Commercial Office Space
Impress the clients with fully furnished commercial office spaces at vatika business centre

An ideal commercial office place should be much more than four walls with a door and windows. In fact, it should be designed to meet the company’s requirements. In other words it should have adequate facilities and space to fulfil the requirement of every commercial business facet, irrespective of the industry.

At VBC, our hallmark of corporate expanses involves optimum use of space with the best productivity. VBC offers all facilities and efficiencies where financial success can not only be envisioned, but objectified too. Corporate spaces offered by us bring home the point that our journey in the enhancement of corporate development, while setting standards, has just begun.

A good commercial office space besides offering all the basic amenities also offer flexible solutions i.e. neither any long term commitment nor any bond.

Vatika Business Centre strives to provide cost-effective business solutions, along with complete flexibility to grow, downsize or relocate. We aim to provide our clients with office spaces that make you a corporate giant, whether you are high up in the corporate ladder or a start-up entrepreneur.

Renting a commercial office spaces from a virtual office service provider helps the company to flourish within its industry. It is this professional environment, flexibility besides the provision of all modern amenities required for the smooth functioning of business operations that has made people lease or rent commercial office spaces from these service providers at reasonable prices.

Commercial office spaces offer employees with everything they require to get the job done and that too with the flexibility to grow, downsize or relocate as per their requirement.

Avail the best location with Vatika Business Centre at Supreme Business Park, Mumbai

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In year 2012, Mumbai was rated among the top 15 most expensive office locations in the world. This listing was given by Cushman & Wakefield. Thus, finding an office space in Mumbai, especially an affordable office space is really a tough task. Considering the present economic scenario, Vatika Business Centre came up with an easy on the pocket office solutions at Supreme Business Park, Powai.

Powai is considered as the best commercial location of the Mumbai city. In the recent year, Powai has taken a 360 degree turn and has evolved as the best location for both residential and commercial sectors. Its fine connectivity with the city makes it the prime location for setting business hub. Considering all these factors, the Vatika Business Centre established one of its fully furnished serviced offices in the Supreme Business Park of Powai.

Business Centre Mumbai
Get the Best Business Solutions at the Prime Location of Mumbai

Herein, you can enjoy easy connectivity with the 6-lane Jogeshwari, Vikhroli Link Road and the Western as well as Eastern Express Highways. The center is also well connected to the Airport and CBD, Mumbai and thus, makes it easy for clients to reach the desired destination. In addition to the connectivity, at VBC, Powai you can enjoy a spectacular panoramic view of Powai Lake right from 220 meters above the sea level. With a separate entrance and well connected central area, VBC’s serviced office at the Supreme Business Park, Mumbai, is the foremost choice of various entrepreneurs.

In Vatika’s ready to use office spaces you enjoy 271 workstations and 33 cabins that make a total account of 304 workstations. Further, the entire package includes really fascinating solutions for setting up any size of business. There are seven meeting rooms, waiting lounge, server room and much more. The seating solutions are very flexible and thus, can be customized as per client’s requirement. Clients can make a choice from 4 seater discussion rooms to 20 seater board or training rooms. Further, there is a pantry area wherein your employees can indulge in a little chit chat.

The account of services rendered by VBC does not end here, the respective centre is acknowledged for providing various business support services like staffing solutions, travel desk, documentation and lots more. In addition to this, for Vatika Business Centre clients are the top most priority and thus, it offers flexible contract terms to suit the client’s requirements.

Modern Age Business Centre by Vatika at DivyaSree Chambers, Bangalore

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Considering the present economic scenario, getting a business suite in Bangalore is not a trouble-free task. In the recent years Bangalore has made considerable progress in respect with office spaces. The city has turned out as a business hub for various renowned enterprises. The rapidly growing commercial sector of Bangalore has given way to various business prime locations like,  DivyaSree Chambers. DivyaSree Chambers is located in the Central Business District of Bangalore and thus, is one such location that stands as the foremost choice of entrepreneurs.

Business Centre Bangalore
DivyaSree Chambers Bangalore – Vatika Business Centre

At the Vatika Business Centre, we understand the market trends and the needs of the entrepreneurs and thus, we have established our serviced office at the prime location of Bangalore, i.e., DivyaSree Chambers. Being located in DivyaSree Chambers, Vatika offers ease of connectivity. The proximity to the Airport adds another feather in the hat.

It’s not just the connectivity factor that attracts entrepreneurs to avail Vatika’s services; rather, the infrastructure of the serviced offices leaves an everlasting mark. When you avail Vatika’s ready to use offices, then you actually avail a serviced office with 304 workstations. These workstations include both linear and L shaped workstations.

Further, for implementing training program or for conducting meetings or seminars, there are different meeting rooms. These meeting rooms are highly spacious and thus, are open to custom seating system. In addition to this, clients are facilitated with reception area, waiting lounge and server room. There is a finely designed cafeteria that can easily accommodate the break time of your employees.

There are a few other business support facilities that Vatika is happy to render. To name a few are documentation, staffing solutions, travel desk and secretarial support. At Vatika Business Centre, we believe in flexibility and thus, we are always open to customize our solutions as per the requirements of the client. Our agreement’s terms and conditions are flexible enough to work for both the center and the client. Further, we always make sure to render the most economic solutions to our clients and thus, so far we have been able to establish a happily satisfied client base.

To know more, you can simply log on to www.VatikaBusinessCentre.com

Shared Office Spaces – An Economic Choice

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Considering the present economic scenario and the inflation rate, getting a serviced office looks like a distant dream. Thus, people prefer renting shared office spaces over an all exclusive serviced office. Shared office spaces offer you all the basic amenities that a serviced office offers you; the only difference is that you will be having some other tenants with you in the same building. However, this thing should not be bothering you, as you will be having your space and as much space as you want with respect to your business.

Shared Office Spaces
Fully Furnished Shared Office Space – Vatika Business Centre

In fact, shared office spaces enhance your business relationships. You meet new people without even organizing any conference or seminar. You develop new contacts and links and thus, you are benefited by investing in a shared office space.

In addition to this, when you will be operating your business amidst the big business players, then a few more stars will be added to your physical presence. You will be getting all this and much more at highly affordable price. The shared office space have all the facilities, right from the linear workstations, to cabins, to conference rooms, meeting rooms, reception area and what not.

Vatika Business Centre is one of the renowned organizations that offers fully furnished and economic shared office spaces. At Vatika, the services are open to customization as per your requirements. There are various facilities that are rendered under the umbrella of shared office space, a few to name are, workstations of different designs, meeting rooms, conference rooms, pantry area and waiting lounge. Further, the office is facilitated with all IT facilities, telephone services, video conferencing, reception services and mailing solutions.

All the shared office spaces offered by Vatika Business Centre are situated at the prime locations of the respective cities. Thus, these offices enjoy fine connectivity with the roads and allow ease in commutation. Moreover, we understand the economic scenario and thus, come up with most economic deals.

For more information, you are free to visit www.VatikaBusinessCentre.com

Get-Set-Go with Plug and Play Offices in Mumbai, India

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The times have gone when steady steps worked in the business; today, you need to make quick moves to make it in the big world. Getting a furnished office space is one of the most time consuming tasks, but with Vatika Business Centre you can get this task completed within a fraction of minutes. All you need to do is visit Vatika Business Centre’s plug and play office in Mumbai; thus, end your search for complete office space in the metro-city.

These plug and play office solutions are open to customization as per the need and form of your business. What all you need will be rendered exactly as per your given specifications. All the basic amenities are duly installed in the office premises. The splendidly designed workstations catch your attention at once. Each section of the office is designed with utmost perfection, so as to offer the most reliable and competent services.

Ready to Move in Offices Mumbai
Plug and Play Office Space at Vatika Business Centre – Well Furnished and Equipped with IT facilities

Flexibility is the foremost feature offered by our services. Our workspace offers customize accommodation as per the size of your human resource. Elegantly edged meeting and conference rooms make an everlasting impression on your delegates. In addition to this, being positioned at the prime location, our ready to move in offices are the best of the investments that you would do for your business.

By availing the valuable services of VBC plug and play office, you save on money, efforts and time. With state of the art infrastructure and our customer support facilities it will be easier for you to set up your business. Our experts will be there to pay heed on all your queries and will answer them with the relevant solutions. We, at Vatika Business Centre make sure to offer you the best office solutions in the prime locations of the industrial hubs.

Simply contact us at www.VatikaBusinessCentre.com and get the best deals on plug and play office spaces in Mumbai.