Grow Your Business in a Smart Way with Virtual Office Solutions

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Are you a small business or home-based entrepreneur looking forward to make it big in the business world? With the continuing global economic crisis, this might seem quite challenging. However, with the radical virtual office solutions around, you can not just supercharge your start-up business but also enhance your professional reputation.

We at Vatika Business Centre offer convenient virtual office solutions at highly affordable prices. We offer businesses and entrepreneurs with administrative, office management, real estate and other office solutions as per their needs. With us your company can project the best possible image in the most cost effective way. We are committed to offer best services that extend to some of the most prestigious locations in Gurgaon, Pune, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Mumbai, and are planning to expand its presence in international locations as well.

Any business could relate to space for an important meeting, presentation or interview, but cannot present a venue due to budget constraints. With our virtual office solutions you can rent an office space available in different configurations i.e from a single seater to 500 + seater office. Continue reading “Grow Your Business in a Smart Way with Virtual Office Solutions”

Use Flexible and Affordable Virtual Offices for Small Budget Enterprises

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Budget is the main constraint when you are thinking of starting up a new business venture. Besides physical infrastructure there are many other things that should be given due consideration in order to succeed and make your presence felt in any market.

The concept of virtual office has proved to be a blessing in disguise for small businesses or start-ups, as they are not only affordable but also offers a lot of convenience and flexibility as compared to having your own office set-up.

The cost of setting up an office and that too at a prime business location in most cities is inflated and therefore out of the reach for small start-ups.  Besides hiring full time staff such as receptionists, a lot needs to be spent on administrative cost, electricity bill, telephone bills etc. Such costs along with the maintenance of a standard office can bring down even a promising small enterprise.

So, if you are looking forward to project a professional image for your start-up organization then we at Vatika Business Centre can help you to establish that image with our flexible virtual office packages, and that too at unbelievable prices. Virtual Office solutions offered by us besides being affordable and flexible ensure that your small business reaps all the benefits of having a physical office. Continue reading “Use Flexible and Affordable Virtual Offices for Small Budget Enterprises”

Finding Virtual Office Space-A Cost Effective Solution for your Business

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If you are a budding business entrepreneur then the biggest challenge is to provide a physical presence to your business. In fact, finding the right office space for your growing business could be quite overwhelming. However, if you are able to outline exactly what you want from your office then your search for a perfect office space for your Business can become quite easy.

If you’re just starting up and want to keep costs down then a virtual office is the most cost effective choice. A virtual office provides you with a complete office experience, but without having you physically lease an office space. Besides providing you with an official business address, personalised telephone answering, post handling and forwarding, a virtual office provides office spaces at some of the most premium business hubs of major cities

We at Vatika Business Centre are a contemporary business environment that provides you with virtual office solutions at highly affordable prices and that too at prime business locations of major cities. So, whether you are looking for executive suites for a single person or opening a branch office space and that too at a fraction of the cost of a conventional office, Vatika Business Centre offer wide-ranging solutions. Continue reading “Finding Virtual Office Space-A Cost Effective Solution for your Business”