The Advancing Footsteps of IoT in Business Centres

the advancing footsteps of iot in business centres

IoT in business centres has brought a defining change in the way businesses function. From streamlining routine tasks & increasing workplace productivity to making workplaces safer, IoT is creating workplaces of the future. For the uninitiated, it is defined by an intelligent ecosystem of connected devices, integrated & functioning together to streamline operations and foster efficiency.

But, how precisely IoT makes a difference in business centres? Well, there are a number of use cases that describe it. Let’s discuss them in detail.

• IoT-enabled Conference Rooms

One of the most dynamic ways, IoT in business centers is transforming work is through their conference rooms. Voice command based actions simplify tasks such as switching on/off lights and powering on/off a digital flipchart. Substituting manual efforts at many levels, IoT-enabled conference rooms help employees stay focused on brainstorming ideas and leverage technology for productive meetings.

• More Organized Office Spaces

IoT-based digital assistants help making concierge desks automated and better organized, running through voice commands. They also save manual efforts on tasks like asking for IT support, ordering food from pantry, asking for housekeeping assistance, and more, which saves employees’ time and keep these minute tasks well-organized.

• Strengthening Access Control

Traditional keys and door locks are slowly fading away with the arrival of IoT in business centres. Access cards have also been replaced with app-based door locks. Even better, with cloud-based access control, it has become possible to perform remote unlocks and set a variety of rules to monitor trends in door access.

• Increased Security through Remote Monitoring

Employee security is one of the key matters of concern for businesses established in business centres and the same is getting promptly addressed through CCTV & smart cameras. With centralized monitoring of key areas of the workplace along with video storage on the cloud, it is ensured that unwanted incidents are avoided and necessary footage is revisited whenever needed.

• Cloud Managed IT Access

With the help of cloud managed access and aggregation switches, it has become possible to deploy network-wide configuration changes, manage distributed networks remotely, without on-site IT team requirement. Thus, high-speed network access is no longer limited to manual presence of IT personnel at a specific desk and is a key factor of convenience for today’s IT-driven businesses.

Aimed at making our business centres more and more tech savvy, Vatika Business Centre has taken a pioneering step towards technological advancement by introducing automation in conference rooms, concierge desk, and cafeteria. With this initiative, VBC intends to enable its occupants stay focused on their core business functions and let them leverage a simplified working environment in its 20 business centres located across 9 major cities of India.