Cut the Coffee Shop Clamor. Choose Meeting Rooms.

cut the coffee shop clamor choose meeting rooms

A few things are better kept in their original form and one of those is the places where meetings are held. Many meetings take place at coffee shops or restaurants. However, they do not necessarily provide an appropriate environment for business discussions. Not having an office space is a constraint; client being far away from your office is another. However, a professional ambience is a vital constituent to successful meetings. Even when you travel to other cities, meeting at a popular coffee shop is never a good idea. The solution – book meeting rooms on the go!

Here are some factors that reflect how choosing meeting rooms over coffee shops puts you at an absolute advantage.

• Business Privacy

Would you like to disclose a strategic business move to any Tom, Dick, and Harry sitting on the next table in a coffee shop? You are most likely to share it with your potential client and that is possible only when you have the discussion behind closed doors of a meeting room.

• Building a Great Impression

Weak Wi-Fi connectivity at a restaurant will even make it difficult for you to showcase your project to a client. In contrast, an IoT-enabled meeting room portrays a great impression about you and your business. When nicely arranged chairs in a well-lit room welcome your client, things change on your voice commands, you pitch your product on a projector, and explain the metrics on a digital flipchart; it acquaints your clients with your attention to detail and affinity with cutting-edge technology.

• Client Convenience

If a client is too far away from your office, book a meeting room at a midway location. Factually, the strategically planned VBC locations share good connectivity with all parts of the cities they are in. So, save your clients the extra hassle of traffic & distance and meet them midway in fully equipped meeting rooms.

• Keeping Distractions At Bay

At a coffee shop or a restaurant, you are likely to face a nagging child, an over enthusiastic group of people, endless conversations of the crowd, and what not! meeting rooms on the other hand keep you away from such distractions, enabling you to focus on the agenda. There’s no struggle to overcome the background noise and things flow without interruption.

• Booking while Travelling

When you travel to other cities, it’s difficult finding an appropriate meeting spot on the fly. VBC’s presence in 9 major cities of India makes it super convenient for you. All you need to do is to download the VBC mobile app and select the city where you need a meeting room. Choose a time slot, size of meeting room, and the facilities customized as per your needs and you are ready to go.

So, if you need to ace your client meetings, explore IoT-enabled meeting rooms at Vatika Business Centre. Available in multiple seating arrangements, our meeting rooms are equipped with state-of-the-art facilities coupled with top-notch helpdesk services. Get in touch with us to know more.