The Rise of Sustainable Office Spaces

The Rise of Sustainable Office Spaces

Workplace landscape is ever-evolving. Besides flexibility & openness in the last decade another important factor woven into the workplace fabric is sustainability. A growing number of businesses are realizing the importance of sustainable workplaces putting employee experience at its nub. And at many levels it has become a critical factor to attract and retain talent. Companies are putting in significant efforts to create sustainable office spaces that respect the environment, increase employee productivity and correlate to happier employee experiences.

But what has been the mainstay of sustainability at workplaces? Let’s take a look.

Revamping the Office Space Design

Companies are revamping their office space designs by making them nature-inspired using natural alternative materials while fostering their openness & transparency. Natural design elements subtly promote the open culture and infuse more breathing space at the workplace. Likewise vertical gardens imbued within workplace designs spread greenery with specifically chosen plants having air purifying qualities. Positioning indoor plants in walk-through areas & on the work-desks along with conscientious maintenance of porch areas is increasingly becoming an essential element of workplace design helping companies build a deep green environment. This not only boosts employee health but also keeps them recharged throughout.

Liaising with Workplace Wellness

Companies encourage employees to be healthier by creating exercise programs, promoting physical activity, educating employees on appropriate seating postures and ensuring they get regular body checkups. Educating employees about hazards of smoking and encouraging tobacco cessation drives are vital steps towards establishing wellness at work.

Embracing Energy Efficiency

Lighting impacts employee productivity and morale. Maximizing natural light to illuminate the workplace and replacing high energy incandescent lights with energy-saving LEDs go a long way to cut down on the energy consumption and capitalize on the nature’s element at the workplace. Also, installing motion-activated lights can save up to 80% of electricity consumption enabling companies make significant savings on the energy bills.

Establishing Sustainable Supply Chain

A sustainable supply chain is a significant step to ensure workplace sustainability. For that matter it is significant to include sustainability as a selection criterion for procurement. Thereby, companies are increasingly making use of sustainable or recycled raw materials, products which can be reused and avoiding materials with hazardous substances.

With a forward-looking approach to empower occupant experiences, we at Vatika Business Centre have recognized the importance of sustainability and are constantly working to bring our office spaces closer to natural elements. Our efforts in this dimension pay back in the form of happier occupant experiences and more satisfied clients. To book your office space at a sustainable business centre across 8 major cities such as Gurugram, New Delhi, Noida, Mumbai, Chennai, Pune, Bengaluru and Hyderabad, get in touch with us.