5 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Serviced Office Space this Year

5 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Serviced Office Space this Year

Choosing a well connected and a fully-serviced office space which impresses clients and facilitates workplace wellness is an uphill task when you are at the other end of the table. Selecting an awesome workplace for your employees and clients become a tricky job, especially when you are at the verge of signing a rental agreement for your new serviced office space.

For a seasoned brand there are always a few critical factors that make a workplace basic to extraordinary. Starting from the ergonomics of the place, proximity to the nearest Metro Station, the parking spaces, voice-command based meeting rooms, digital flip charts, to its breakthrough areas, every trivial characteristic matters.

Although, it might seem an exciting feat now; however, there are always some hidden pitfalls and unforeseen expenses that can later pose a majors challenge for you, disrupting your day-to-day operations to affecting your staff morale and the most significant – the ‘BRAND IMAGE’.

Here are five intriguing questions that must influence your decision before you sign that rental agreement for a Serviced Office space this year:

1. Is this LOCATION making competitors yearn?

Location plays a significant role in deciding your new Serviced Office space. It might boost your ROI or destroy your brand.

−  Is your competition yearning for the location and their employees running hell for leather to join you?

−  Whether the clients can reach without hassle? What about the ancillary services, like – proximity to airport, metro station, coffee shops, etc.?

−  What about the commercial viability of the vicinity?

−  Ask yourself, if you are justifying the wages of your staff by asking them to come to this location?

If you have an overall positive response to all these questions then you are on the right track stepping in for your next great Serviced Office space.

2. Am I Getting the Right VALUE FOR MONEY?

The price is always one of the deciding factors for every business owner while selecting that state-of-the-art Serviced Office space. If you spend too little, you will end up with an office you are not happy with or if you spend too much, you will expect more and might have to move again to downsize.

Here are certain go-to-questions that you must ask:

−  What kind of additional services are being offered in the same price?

−  Are we getting strong business support services?

−  Have I checked the hidden costs or extras?

These questions broadly indicate the affordability and verify whether you have checked all the possible hidden factors beforehand. Always perform a quick comparison to other Serviced Office Spaces in the area.

3. Is it BIGGER and better?

Second to Location and Price is Size. It is one of the most influential factors for closing the deal. Besides, bigger desks, more storage, meeting – rest spaces and cafeteria for your employees, it adds up to the quality of life. Some of the quick questions that needed to be asked are:

−  Are we getting optimum space per person on the floor?

−  Are there any meeting rooms, breakthrough areas and reception area / recreational area?

Needless to say, that confined office spaces affect productivity. So, make sure you are not skimping the floor space.

4. Am I reaping the benefits of the DIGITAL Era aptly?

Infrastructure is the most important factor for most of the businesses these days, starting from postal services, IP-based telephony, Internet leased lines from a reliable source for smooth service, giving seamless connectivity with minimal interruptions is pertinent. Here are certain surefire questions that you must figure out before you go for that final agreement for your serviced office space:

−  Is the office equipped new technological upgrades such as voice command based meeting/ board rooms with digital flipcharts, etc?

−  Has the cost of internet access factored into the price quoted? How about checking the speed of the Internet?

These practical questions will pave the way for your better business quality. If you get a positive answer and results to the tests, you are on the right track!

5. Is this Serviced Office Space adding to the BRAND IMAGE?

Serviced Office Space is an Incredible Branding tool. We often miss out on this factor while considering the above more important ones. A Serviced Office Space can establish and protect your brand [everyone look-up to the Google – Microsoft style workplace]. Try answering these questions before it is too late:

−  Is it a glass-clad awe-inspiring building?

−  Are the interiors fabulous, matching the standard of my clientele?

−  What are the other offices in the vicinity?

−  Is the space warm enough with relevant services and quality?

−  How would it look like when I post the pictures of the interior online?

If the answers are not up to the mark, you might want to reconsider your decision. There are Serviced Spaces which might add-up to your branding costs [as an undercoated office space doesn’t help you build your brand].

It is important that we know ahead of time, where we stand. Reconsider your decision before it is too late.

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