4 Important Perspectives to Decide the Right Brand Name

4 important perspectives to decide the right brand name

Deciding a brand name is one of the most important decisions you need to make. It has a strong impact on how your employees, clients, customers, and investors view your business. Your brand name will speak volumes about your business acumen and understanding of the market you are going to enter. If you get it right, you have taken the first vital step towards successful business positioning. So, before you merely combine names of your family members and create a word that doesn’t make sense or try resembling a popular brand name, here are four crucial perspectives to consider:

1. Add Meaning to your Brand Name

Many brands don’t only have names we easily recall but also have deep meanings imbued within them. Take Nike for example. The brand name comes from the name of an ancient Greek Goddess who signified victory. Likewise, cosmetic brand Dove has got its name from the bird ‘Dove’, which depicts femininity, purity, and softness. In both cases, the brand names are meaningful and aptly capture the brand essence.

2. Think International

“What’s in a name?” We will say, a lot. Indian customers have a strong proclivity towards brand names that sound international. International brand names are attributed to luxury and quality, which people like to own. This makes it sensible to choose an international name for your brand. Consider popular brands like Raymond, Louis Phillippe, Blackberrys, Park Avenue, Westside, Lakme, I-ball, and more. All these brands have been originated in India but sound international. Also, such a brand name will be easily welcomed by your potential customers abroad when you expand internationally.

3. Keep it Concise

Truth be told, the shorter your brand name, the better. Limit it to a single word sans a hyphen or any special character. This not only makes it more likely to gain recall but also easy to get memorized. Think of brand names like Oyo, Uber, Ola, Apple, Amazon, Google, Lakme, etc. and you will find how quickly these brand names occur into a customer’s mind.

4. Consider Your Online Address

We are talking about the .coms and .ins that follow your brand name on your website. The availability of a domain name customized for your website makes a significant contribution to complete your online address. You may also confront unavailability of domain names, which might compel you to make required changes in your brand name. Thus, you would need to shortlist a few brand name ideas to accommodate any change. Also, it is recommended to choose a .com suffix in place of a country specific one to capture a wider set of audience. It not only makes your business easily searchable but also gets it widely recognized.

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