5 Cost-saving Factors of Serviced Offices

5 cost saving factors of serviced offices

Finding and renting an office space is a cumbersome process. Pulling off a huge upfront investment, signing a long lease agreement and arranging for fit-outs is a formidable task. This is why more and more corporates are turning to a cost-effective & convenient solution like serviced offices. With short-term leases, premium fitments, and expenses to be borne on ‘per desk’ basis; ready-to-move serviced offices are becoming the preferred choice for corporates.

However, there is more to it. Serviced offices are not only a convenient workspace solution but are also easy on the budget. Here is how serviced offices enable you shed less money than you would do in a leased office space:

1.   Pay Per Desk – When you rent a leased office, you have to pay for the space as well as all the facilities that are required to run an office space. In contrast, in a serviced office, the space provider offers desks along with basic facilities that don’t put any extra load on your fixed monthly expenditure.

2.   No Cost for Fit-outs – By renting a serviced office, you get ergonomically designed chairs, desks, drawers, and more already fitted out. In a leased office space, you usually get an empty space which not only demands a huge cost for furnishing but also a considerable investment of time and effort to get things done.

3.   Business Support Services – Business support services are a pocket-friendly alternative to conduct significant yet non-core functions like concierge services, HR support, IT support, taxation services, registration & legal compliances. Office space providers have their own dedicated teams for these services who manage it for their several space occupants. Thus, you save yourself the cost of staffing full time employees to carry out all these functions and only pay as you need them.

4.   No Maintenance & AMC Costs – When you move into a serviced office, maintenance & AMC costs are no longer a point of your concern. AMC & maintenance of printer, air conditioner and other electronic appliances along with desk maintenance, washroom cleanliness & maintenance are all taken care of by the office space provider.

5.   No Additional Cost for Scaling Up – When you occupy a leased office space, an increase in team size would bring in sizeable additional cost and effort of finding a bigger office space. This would translate to doing all the fit-outs, arranging for utilities, signing for new agreements afresh. Whereas in serviced offices, scaling up is seamless. You are shifted to a bigger office space in no time and only pay for the extra desks you need.

Closing Thoughts

With short-term lease contracts, where you only pay for the space you need, serviced offices provide a flexible option for companies to grow. Vatika Business Centre provides serviced offices at 20 key locations across 9 prominent cities of India. Being recognized as Brand of the Year 2018 and the only Indian business centre with ISO 9001:2015 certification, VBC has served more than 200 corporates in the last 14 years. No matter if you are expanding your business or starting anew, your search for a serviced office will end at VBC. To book your serviced office, get in touch with us.