4 Signs you are ready for an Office Upgrade in 2020

4 Signs you are ready for an Office Upgrade in 2020

Business leaders with futuristic vision and Investment-savvy approaches are always astute to keep their spendings mindful. Especially, when it revolves around upgrading to a new office space waiting for the right time is rational. Needless to say, that upgrading to a new office space is an investment, at the same time pertinent when the time is right. There are certain costs that affect the long-term budget of a business, such as – high CAPEX which includes the overhead charges, AMCs and other statutory expenses, besides the OPEX cost which bite away the major chunk from the budget. However, despite the overheads, when your business expands, you reach a point where having an optimum office space or business centre becomes indispensable.

There are certain critical factors that discreetly demonstrate you to make an upgrade worthy:

1. When you are upsizing your team: If you are looking forward to expanding your team to a prime business location, it is always a good move to find the optimum office space before you go for that hiring spree. Once you start the hiring process, instead of conducting the recruitment process online or at hotel lobbies or coffee shops, it is way more inspiring to arrange it within office premises. In this way, candidates get to see the actual work premises and get motivated. Certain office spaces and business centres come with the option of hiring meeting rooms [on an hourly basis] or you can get your rental package as per your requirements with meeting and board rooms. Alternately, when you are shifting your team altogether, due to space issues in your current arrangement and you want instant plug-and-play office to minimize downtime; serviced office space is a perfect option.

2. When you require impressing your clientele: As your brand grows, meetings with preferred clients and customers become a usual affair. These meeting spaces must be fully equipped with ergonomic seating arrangements, digital flipcharts, HD Video Conferencing, projectors, voice command based board rooms and more. With carefully designed serviced office spaces, your clients get the taste of the quality of your business as soon as they enter the premises. Consider how worthwhile it would be when you land another big client onboard and one of the most contributing factors into your efforts is the impressive office space.

3. When it starts affecting productivity: The ability of your staff to perform effectively is the most significant factor for your success. So, if the working environment is not optimized enough your business will suffer. Some of the basic causes are – outside noise, insufficient space, floor plans, poor or no natural lighting, no sight of indoor greenery, business privacy issues, internet speed and more. Some of the other universal issues could be getting in and out of the office each day or running errands or grabbing fresh live-cooked food, which causes unnecessary disruptions to the workday. In addition to it, aesthetically pleasing, clean and clutter-free work environment affects an individual’s morale, which in turn, influences retention. In order to eliminate such glitches, upgrading to an optimal office space is wise.

4. When you are ready for futuristic workplace technology:

Today, with technology upgrades, voice-enabled virtual assistant are no longer reserve for millionaires. They are part of the daily lives of affluent business people. A part of a successful work culture is walking into a room and commanding the systems to connect to the clients and co-workers who are remotely working from halfway across the world. Imagine meeting rooms with voice-enabled technology with video-conferencing feature that save your productive time [What a utopian world we are living!]. When you reach a level where you require world-class technology at your workplace for keeping ahead of the crowd, meetings rooms enabled with voice-based commands, IoT based board rooms, HD video-conferencing facilities, high-speed internet, digital flipcharts, app based locks and more such advanced IT services and support systems that your current office lacks, it is time for an upgrade.

Taking a decision for an upsize or a revamp can be a tough one. Your staff can grow or shrink and getting seating arrangements, inventories, meeting room arrangements, board rooms, concierge services, fresh live-cooked food, strong business support services and more may fluctuate in the long run. And it may be frustrating to pay for the services that you would never require. The best bet is to opt for services where your agreements are minimal and plans are flexible. Go for an office space that could potentially meet your current and future requirement.

Whatever is on your mind, upsizing or revamping your office space, Vatika Business Centre – is your go-to solution for all that you need.

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