Things to Keep in Mind before Choosing an Office Space for Rent

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Choose a Location Near
It is extremely important to choose an office space that is close enough for your team to commute. It is also better if the location is near populated area in terms of getting more potential candidates.

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How Technology Supports Business

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With the advancement of technology, business operation has also evolved. Technology has helped us to make our work not just simpler but better. Business support services have added more technologically sophisticated services to its list. Business centres provide these services so that you don’t have to assemble them separately.


Let us take a look at the tech-tools that have changed the business world for good:

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Benefits of Having a Virtual Office

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The concept of virtual office let people do the work by not physically occupying the workspace. Virtual offices are especially beneficial for start-ups and self-employed people. The demands for virtual offices have been increasing over the last years, which confirm its popularity among people. But if you are still not convinced to go for a virtual office or not, then read here some of the advantages of virtual office.
Have a look at the benefits of virtual offices:

virtual office

Address of a Prime Location
Virtual office gives you an address of a prime location that you can use to collect your couriers. You can also mention this address on your official documents for your business. You can collect your courier/ parcel whenever you wishes to visit the office. Several business centres provide virtual offices along with traditional services.
Personalized call answering in your company name
It is heard to answer every business call by yourself that you receive in a day. Calls can disrupt your focus in the work and wastes a lot of precious time. With a virtual office, you will get the service where staff will answer call in your company name. You will be notified of the same on regular basis. This saves you time and creates a superior business persona.
Flexible Timings
A virtual office gives you the freedom to work from home or any other location. It also gives you flexibility in terms of timings. You don’t have to wake up early as there will be no commuting time to take into consideration. You can work at the comfort of home and can take break from work whenever you want.
Cost Affordability
Since virtual office doesn’t require you to physically occupy the workspace, you don’t have to spend money on office furniture, commuting and other office accessories. This helps you save you money that you can further invest in your business.

5 Budget-Friendly Coworking Spaces in Delhi NCR

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One of the reasons of growing popularity of coworking spaces is its cost effective pricing plans. No doubt that among startups, freelancers and young entrepreneurs, coworking space is the first option to choose when it comes to select office workspace. If you are an entrepreneur or want to commence a startup at Delhi NCR, then this compiled list of coworking spaces will help you to find your next office space.

Coworking spaces in india

Vatika Business Centres
Vatika Business Centre offers multitude of services – serviced offices, virtual office, etc.  For start-ups or freelancers, they also offer coworking space. Their coworking spaces are located in Vatika Atrium, Gurgaon and Noida. Their services include wifi access, round the clock security, beverage facilities, printer facilities, etc.
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5 Ways to Increase Productivity at Work

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How many days have you spent in your cubicle only to realize at the end of the day that not much has been achieved? You are unable to meet your targets even though you are constantly working 9 straight hours. It is important for you to understand that along with the policy of hard work, smart work is also necessary to do efficient work.

Image result

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5 Reasons Why Business Location Is Important

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Having an esteemed business location has many advantages. A good location attracts not only good clients but also employees. It gives your business an ingrained persona and makes a good first impression on people.
Let us have a look at some of the reasons that make business landmark important:

Vatika Business Centre

Image of the Company
The image of a business is extremely important for a business. Meeting clients in an ultra-modern business centre located in a posh area makes a good long lasting impression on them. Similarly, candidates also want to pursue their career in a well-established company. A good image is a deciding factor for both potential employees and clients whether they want to be associated with you in the future or not.

Infrastructural Facilities
If a company is located in famous landmark it receives better infrastructural facilities such as transportation facilities like metro and autos, hotels and restaurants, banks, attractive shops and extra local development. You will get good commuting facilities and luxury hotels for scheduling client meeting. A proper commercial hub also has a tight security team that makes it safe for everyone.

Re-sale Value
Business centres near famous landmark offers a high standard of lifestyle. Thus, office spaces for rent are usually expensive in such areas. However, this also increases their value in real estate market. If in future you want to sell your office space and move to some other place then you will get good re-sale amount on your initial investment.

People will easily recognize your company address if it is located in a well-known location of the city. It helps to build credibility of your business thereby attracting more employees as well as clients.
Thus, choosing a good business location has several benefits. It offers excellent connectivity to other parts of the town, offers luxurious places for business meetings, makes good impression on clients and provides safety and security to everyone.

Avail Furnished Office Space for Smooth Functioning of Your Business

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An appropriate office space is probably the most important requirement of your business. However, to run a successful business, a fully furnished office space equipped with all modern amenities is actually helpful.

Fully Furnished Office Space at Vatika Business Centre

Furnished office spaces endow you with better opportunities as your business is likely to get more investors. Your business thus becomes more competitive and can thus earn better returns. Moreover, high calibre employees get attracted towards your company thus allowing you to hire quality workforce.

We at Vatika Business Centre understand the stress of finding short &long term office accommodation and that too at short notice. We offer a complete range of furnished office and virtual office solutions all across Gurgaon, Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad and Mumbai. Continue reading “Avail Furnished Office Space for Smooth Functioning of Your Business”

Avail High-End Meeting Room Facilities to Make Your Meeting Successful

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Meetings and conferences are organized to discuss important business issues. In order to make a meeting successful, it is essential that the meeting room in question is equipped with all the necessary requirements which enhance the productivity of your meeting. Though, hosting an event within your own office premises is a good idea but there are several things which make renting a meeting room a favorable option

Hire Fully equipped meeting/conference rooms to impress your clients.
Hire Fully equipped meeting/conference rooms to impress your clients.

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Conference Room in Pune-Perfect Combination of Efficiency and Convenience

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For a corporate event to go as per the plan, it is necessary that everything required for accomplishing a successful meeting or conference should be in place including the best of all available conference venues. Since, businesses try to build up and maintain contacts, customers and clients during these events, securing a suitable venue for holding such events is of vital importance.

Whether you are planning a conference, seminar, or a training session, VBC business centre in Tech Park one, Pune offers 9 Meeting Rooms ranging from a 4 seater discussion room to 20 Seater Board\training Room to accommodate business needs. Vatika Business Centre can customize its facilities to meet individual business needs while ensuring a memorable event.

Conference Room - Tech Park One, Pune
Conference Room – Tech Park One, Pune

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Create a Perfect Business Image by Getting a Virtual Office Address

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In today competitive business era, entrepreneurs are well aware of the cost implications of running a business enterprise. For entrepreneurs who are looking to start a new business, the most exorbitant expense is the initial set up.Besides this there are other running expenses that can actually drive them crazy. Virtual offices has emerged as one of the cost-effective options for businesses who trying to establish a foothold in the corporate world.

Virtual Office Address

Vatika Business Centre we offer virtual offices that can provide businesses with a prestigious address. Since, location of an office is a key factor for creating that better first impression for any business; VBC not just provides businesses with a physical presence but also creates the much required professional image for small and start-up ventures.

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